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There are few successful Massive Multiplayer Game Companies. Probably because the market is still expanding and the customers demanding. Thus, CCP is certainly a noteworthy name.

The Company from Iceland CCP was founded in 1997 for the sole purpose of developing Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. The first years were committed to raising money through investors or the development of a board game. Eve Online was released in May 2003. Throughout the years the game was maintained and other projects planned. Unfortunately, in 2011, the company had to step back from their next MMORPG World of Darkness. However, they are still improving Eve Online and Dust 514, as well as developing a new game, Eve Valkyrie. The latest is developed with the new Oculus Rift technology. Dust 514, on the other hand, had been released in 2013 as a First Person Shooter. Dust 514 The FPS is set in the same world as Eve Online and actively shares the world, too. The game, initially developed for Playstation 3, is connected to the Eve Online World. This means that actions from one world affect the political or economical situation in the other and vice versa. Only this year (2014) it was announced that the game is to be redeveloped for the PC since CCP was not satisfied with the outcome of their product. Eve Online Definitely the flag ship of the company. Eve online is a Science Fiction MMORPG unlike most other available MMORPG's. Players engage as pilots in an over 7500 star systems galaxy. Aim of the game is to establish oneself in the world as a known character. Either through trade, social skills, or warfare. This can be achieved through various skills and secondary skills, or professions a character can master. Differently than others Eve Online does not employ sharding or instancing. Meaning that there is only one big world on which everyone is playing. Every achievement will be known by the entire community, not only the persons playing on the same server. Thus, CCP is surely among the bigger developers committed to a special gaming environment. offers League of Legends Builds and Guides, Counter Lists, Videos and Streams.

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