Top 40 Twitch Overlays for Streamers in 2021

Top 40 Twitch Overlays for Streamers in 2021

Top 40 Twitch Overlays for Streamers in 2021
We have created a variety of different overlay designs throughout the year, from very minimalistic to very large overlays. Also, many of our designs are very general and can be used for any game and purpose. Others are specifically designed for games like Fortnite, PUBG or League of Legends and fit perfectly into the game design. All in all you will find a wide range of different Stream Overlays in this list so there is something for every taste.
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Free Twitch Overlays and Premium Twitch Overlays

Some of our designers have been working as designers in the esport/games scene for more than 10 years and put all of their passion into every single design. In order to be able to continue to guarantee this, we ask for your understanding that we cannot offer our overlays completely for free. Of course, we try to provide discounts and extras as much as we can. In any case, we guarantee the highest quality and try to provide support to all topics related to streaming.

1. Minimal Twitch Stream Overlay Series


Our Minimal Twitch Overlay Series is designed in a very minimalistic way so that very little of the actual game/stream is covered by the overlay. Feedback from our community has shown that many people prefer a simple design in order to focus their stream on the game. Nevertheless, all information such as “Last Donation”, “Last Follower” and “Last Subscriber” is displayed clearly and stylishly.

An absolute recommendation for all minimalists among you.

2. Neon Twitch Stream Overlay Series


Discreet and futuristic design characterize the Stream Design packages of the Neon Series. The Stream Overlay as well as Webcam Overlay look very modern and stand out very well from the game with the neon light. The design can be used for any game as well as for IRL streams and can be combined individually.

3. OPS Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Call of Duty Overlay


This Twitch Overlay Design was created especially for Call of Duty and fits perfectly into the design of the game. The style is based on the artwork of COD, dark with the accent color orange. Like all of our stream designs, you can choose which parts of the design you want to use.

Perfect for all Call of Duty streamers.

4. Duty Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Call of Duty Overlay


Because of the release of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 our Call of Duty Twitch Overlays were very popular among our community this year. This stream overlay design picks up the game interface design and presents itself in a modern look.

Also perfect for all Call of Duty streamers.

5. Fayzer Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fortnite Overlay


Fortnite, the most played and streamed game 2018. Of course Fortnite Stream Overlays are not missing in the list of the Top 40 Twitch Overlays. The design is based on the typical Fortnite style and includes three different colour variations. You can choose from all the different overlays, webcam overaly and color sets.

Perfect for all Fortnite streamers.

6. Vivid Twitch Stream Overlay Series - LOL Overlay


There was a huge hype about the update with the 4 new skins for existing characters in League of Legends. The music video was viewed millions of times. The Vivid Series stream design picks up the new design style and supports the LoL in-game interface.

7. BF Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Battlefield 5 Overlay


Battlefield 5 is also one of the games released in 2018. To match the release, our designers have created a Battlefield Twitch Overlay Design that leaves nothing to be desired. From a convincing overlay to a webcam overlay to an intermission banner set, everything is included in this package. In addition, there are three different color variations, which can be combined as you like.

Our recommendation for all Battlefield streamers.

8. Zanda Twitch Stream Overlay Series - WOW Overlay


Zandalari is the name of the new troll race in Battle for Azeroth. The Stream Overlay Design of the Zanda Series is based entirely on the appearance and styling of this race. A very expressive WoW overlay, designed and illustrated with great attention to detail.

9. BFA Twitch Stream Overlay Series - WOW Overlay


The Stream Overlay Design Package for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth! This design has been especially designed in the typical WoW style for the new WoW addon. It is a complete package and includes all the graphics needed for streaming (Overlay, Talking Overlay, Webcam Overlay, Panels, Alerts, Intermission Banner). The overlay is perfect for Horde as well as Alliance players.

For all World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth streamers.

10. Vault Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fallout Overlay


Our bestseller overlay for Fallout 76. The stream design was designed in the typical Fallout design and is perfect for your Fallout Stream. You can decide if you want to use the webcam overlay only or if you want to use the overlay as well. Everything can be combined in a individually.

Have fun with our top Fallout 76 Twitch Overlay.

11. Nite Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fortnite Overlay


The Nite Series design is one of our top Fortnite Twitch Overlays. The colors and design style is perfectly matched to the colorful and bright style of Fortnite. You can decide which design elements you want to use in your stream. Feedback from our community confirms that the Nite Series Overlay is a perfect match to Fortnite and will upgrade any Fortnite stream from a design point of view.

Perfect for any Fortnite streamer.

12. JC Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Just Cause 4 Overlay


We have developed an overlay especially for the release of Just Cause 4. It takes the basic design of Just Cause 4 and presents itself in a simple modern design. Black, white, blue are the main colors of the game design as well as the stream overlay design package.

Perfect for any Just Cause streamer.

13. Craft Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Minecraft Overlay


The Minecraft Twitch Overlay Design of the Craft Series is a perfect example of how design and illustration together can produce stunning results. Our designers have created a unique stream overlay design package that leaves nothing to be desired.

Perfect for any Minecraft streamer.

14. Drust Twitch Stream Overlay Series - WOW Overlay


Drustvar is another new area in the new World of Warcraft addon, located on the new island of Kul Tiras. That’s why we’ve designed and illustrated the WoW Drust Series Overlay Package, which perfectly reflects the mood and look of the new territory.

For WoW streamers who like it a little darker.

15. Soccer Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fifa 19 Overlay


The new Fifa 19 design is simply fantastic. We picked up the design and style and designed a matching Fifa Twitch Overlay. The colors are the main feature of this Stream Overlay and give the whole design a modern, stylish and professional look. It is also adapted to Fifa’s in-game interface.

Perfect for all Fifa streamers.

16. Hydra Twitch Stream Overlay Series


The Hydra Series is one of our universal Twitch overlays. Designed to be general and simple, it can be used for any game or IRL stream. The overlay is available in red, blue and pink and is also popular among female streamers. A timeless modern design for those streamers who don’t want to commit to a single game.

17. Vintage Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Rainbow Six Siege Overlay


Vintage design is not only a trend in the furniture industry. The Vintage Series includes several different game overlays. This Rainbow Six Siege Twitch overlay is designed in a modern and typical vintage look and fits perfectly to the game design of R6S.

Perfect for all R6S streamers.

18. Titan Twitch Stream Overlay Series - LOL Overlay


Our Titan Series package is designed modern, geometric and futuristic. There are also different game overlays in this series. This one has been especially designed for League of Legends. In one of our Stream Design Master Bundles you can also get this design package as an animated Twitch overlay. It is definitely one of our most modern designs.

Suitable for all LoL streamers.

19. Royale Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PUBG Overlay


PUBG is one of the most played and streamed games worldwide and here we have harmonized game design and overlay design again. The overlay is especially designed for the game interface of PUBG making it a perfect PUBG Twitch Stream overlay.

For all PUBG streamers among you.

20. Sniper Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PUBG Overlay


Another PUBG Stream Overlay from our portfolio. Simple and created in a grunge style, it is one of our bestselling products for PUBG. It is available in three different colors (yellow, red, blue) and can be easily combined. In addition, there is a specially created PUBG illustration, which makes the whole design package unique.

21. Jason Twitch Stream Overlay Series


Stream overlays with illustrated mascots/characters immediately give your stream something personal and unique. The Jason Series Design Package is simple and timelessly designed and the illustrated character gives you the individuality you want to express as a streamer.

22. Llama Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fortnite Overlay


Any Fortnite streamer or gamer who doesn’t know the Llama has definitely done something wrong. We at found that the Llama deserves its own Fortnite Stream Overlay. The result is a combination of the typical Fortnite style, an illustration and bright colors. If you want to get attention, the Llama Twitch overlay is the best choice.

23. Typhon Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PUBG Overlay


Typhon stands for brush and grunge design. The PUBG stream overlay convinces with bright colors in combination with a grunge look. Together they create an overlay design that perfectly matches PUBG’s game design. Three different color sets allow you to freely combine and exchange graphics after some time.

Our community says TOP to this PUBG overlay.

24. Consoles Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PS4 Overlay


You play on a Playstation 4 and are a streamer? We have created a PS4 Twitch stream overlay based on the design of the Playstation, which can be used for all games. We want to give console streamers the possibility to show that they are console streamers and on which console they play.

Suitable for all Playstation 4 streamers.

25. Strike Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Overwatch Overlay


The first Overwatch Stream overlay in the series. We didn’t forget about Overwatch and created a Twitch overlay especially for this game interface. It picks up elements of the game and doesn’t look too dominant. The game still remains in the spotlight.

Perfect for all Overwatch streamers.

26. Nano Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Overwatch Overlay


Another Overwatch overlay package. Here the overlay design shifts to the upper part of the stream and doesn’t hide any important parts of the game, which is very important to our community. It’s very modern, clean and matches the Overwatch design perfectly.

Suitable for all Overwatch streamers.

27. Hero Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Hearthstone Overlay


This Hearthstone stream overlay is designed in a grunge look with a stony background. The overlay design is split into the 4 corner areas of the stream, so important in-game parts are not hidden and you still get a lot of important information in it. You can also show and hide parts of the overlay and make your own overlay.

Suitable for all Hearthstone streamers.

28. Carry Twitch Stream Overlay Series - League of Legends Overlay


Another League of Legends Overlay can be found in our Carry Series. It’s a clean, simple and modern design that perfectly embeds LoL’s entire game interface, creating a new gaming experience. You can use the design with a webcam frame or the greenscreen version.

Suitable for all LoL streamer.

29. Dive Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Overwatch Overlay


The Dive Series is characterized by a high proportion of grey and white in combination with an accent color (red, blue, yellow). The stream design is placed in the lower part of the stream and does not cover much of the game, or important UI parts. The overlay design is modern and timeless.

Suitable for all Overwatch streamers.

30. Dragon Twitch Stream Overlay Series


An illustrated dragon mascot in combination with a stream design. The Dragon Twitch Stream Overlay is designed to be placed anywhere in the stream. No matter if you place it in the middle at the bottom, in the right section at the top or at the bottom left, it’s completely up to you. The coloring of the design is based on the colors of the dragon. The Stream Design can be used universally, no matter if game or IRL streams.

31. Zmasher Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fortnite Overlay


Zmasher is a Fortnite overlay that is kept relatively dark and sticks to the Zombies in the game. We always try to take the style of the game with our designs in order to create a harmonic overall picture of the stream and overlay.

Suitable for all Fortnite streamers.

32. Pandarian Twitch Stream Overlay Series


The Pandarian Overlay Series comes in two color sets and has a very flexible overlay design, which can be placed anywhere in the stream. Illustration and overlay form a harmonic and simple overall picture. The stream overlay can be used for all games and purposes and has a timeless character.

33. Equalizer Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PUBG Overlay


The grunge look fits the Battle Royale game PUBG perfectly. Combined with strong and expressive colors it gives your PUBG stream a unique and professional look. Three different color variations give you the opportunity to design your stream freely and try out several color combinations.

Suitable for all PUBG streamers.

34. Thunder Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Fortnite Overlay


The Thunder Series offers an electrifying and incomparable design. Another Twitch Overlay for Fortnite, which picks up the bolt of lightning as a strong picture element in the stream overlay, the stream alerts, the intermission banners or the twitch panels. Three different color sets are included in the stream design package.

Perfect for all Fortnite streamers.

35. Toggle Twitch Stream Overlay Series - CS:GO Overlay


The CS:GO overlay package Toggle Series can be used perfectly for Counter-Strike, but is so universally designed so that it can also be used for any other game. It’s an almost universal Twitch overlay in a timeless design.

Perfect for all CS:GO streamers.

36. Crossfire Twitch Stream Overlay Series - CS:GO Overlay


Inspired by an old stream design of the famous streamer “Shroud“, the Crossfire is one of our most popular Twitch overlays for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The individual design elements can be placed freely in the stream and shown or hidden. Three colors give you the possibility to combine them individually.

Perfectly suitable for all CS:GO streamers.

37. Flex Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Overwatch Overlay


Looking for a cool Overwatch overlay? With our stream design packages, you get all the graphics you need to stream in the same uniform design style. The Flex Series is designed specifically for Overwatch and convinces with its professional design.

For all Overwatch streamers.

38. Scorian Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PUBG Overlay


There is a reason why Scorian is one of our Top 40 Twitch Overlays. The grunge look fits PUBG perfectly. The Stream Overlay is perfectly designed for the needs of a PUBG Streamer.

Perfect for all PUBG streamers.

39. Nuke Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Overwatch Overlay


Modern and clean with strong accent colours. The Overwatch overlay picks up the game interface of Overwatch perfectly and only covers little of the game itself. It is designed to make the design look like it belongs to the game itself.

Suitable for all Overwatch streamers.

40. Nade Twitch Stream Overlay Series - PUBG Overlay


Last but not least the Nade Series. The grenade is the defining motive of the PUBG Twitch overlay and can be found in all graphics. This stream design is for everyone who uses many grenades in the game. And of course for every other PUBG streamer as well.

Suitable for all PUBG streamers.


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