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Do you know twitch.tv?
Welcome to the largest live streaming platform in the world: Twitch.TV

Twitch.TV is the world’s largest live streaming website and social community for gamers. To this day, game streaming and eSports are mistakenly hardly noticed by many marketers and, despite the worldwide boom in marketing departments, are de facto invisible in Germany.

The current figures from Twitch.TV tell a different story:
#32 of the most popular websites in Germany (Source: Wikipedia)
#42 of the most popular websites worldwide (Source: Wikipedia)
2014 acquired by Amazon for 1 billion dollars
~970.000.000 monthly visits
~100.000.000 monthly active users
~15.000.000 daily active users
~3.000.000 active streamers / content creators
Niche Market?
Live Streaming Platforms

Even though many perceive the game streaming industry as a niche market, it’s already occupied by the largest IT/tech companies: The Big 5 are currently Google (Youtube Gaming), Amazon (Twitch.TV), Facebook (FB.gg), Microsoft (Mixer.com) and soon VALVE (Steam.TV).

Streamers' reach
on Live Streaming Platforms

Twitch streamers are the «Youtube/Instagram influencers» of the gaming and tech scene.

During a livestream in spring, the best-known streamer «Ninja» reached over 667,000 viewers. Meanwhile in Germany, popular streamers also reach millions of gamers with their streams. A widely underestimated target group.

According to studies, gamers are extremely technophile and a target group with purchasing power.

According to a survey, gamers are more social, family-oriented, educated, optimistic, successful, and socially conscious than non-gamers. They watch more livestreaming content compared to previous year, and are actively using the latest tech to consume content and connect to their peers.
Why brands count on gamers and eSports
Starting in 2020, Mercedes-Benz will no longer be a sponsor of the men's national football team for the first time in 40 years and will invest in eSports and Formula E instead.

“We have been observing the extremely fast-growing eSports segment for some time now and are convinced that this new commitment will lead our sports sponsoring into the future and reach new target groups. eSports fans worldwide are between 18 and 34 years old and have an above-average education. This is an age group that is very interesting for Mercedes-Benz because it is difficult to reach with traditional marketing measures.”

Jens Thiemer Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars
What own3d.tv offers
With over 50 large German-speaking streamers, OWN3D.TV currently offers the largest influencer network for Twitch streamers in Germany, making it the first port of call for streamers and interested companies.
Largest German-speaking Twitch Influencer Network
Strong community bond<br>(trust, honesty)

Strong community bond
(trust, honesty)

Strongly growing market<br>( 30% p.a. DACH)

Strongly growing market
(+30% p.a. DACH)

Technophile target group with purchasing power

Technophile target group with purchasing power

Advertising opportunities
on twitch.tv with own3d.tv

A Twitch stream offers several opportunities for advertising or product placement. Typical are modern content marketing formats with direct reference to influencers and classic banner or video ads in the stream (combinable):

Content Marketing Formats
  • Streamer shows and identifies with product/brand
Banner Video Ads
  • Advertising banner/videos in livestream: 320x160 pixels
  • Advertising banner (panel) with link in the channel description: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Automated chat bot message with link in live chat: 200 characters max
Performance measurement possible with both forms
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