Twitch Alerts – Animated

Twitch is all about attracting attention. Our professionally designed Animated Twitch Alerts and Notifications for StreamElements are a great way to do this. In this way Donations, Subscriptions, Cheers, Hosts or Raids can be displayed very strikingly in your stream. We will show you how to add the Animated Twitch Alerts to StreamElements in the tutorial below the products.

Our Animated Twitch Alerts are available in many colors and designs. If you don’t find any Alerts you like, don’t hesitate to inform us about your wishes. We will include your feedback when creating new products.

Adding Animated Alerts & Notifications 

Adding the Animated Twitch Alerts to StreamElements requires only a few simple steps. First of all you have to connect your account with StreamElements. On your dashboard, then go to the “My Overlays” page, create an overlay (or open an existing one) and add an alert box from the widgets if necessary. After clicking on the alert box, the following settings now have to be made for each alert:

  1. Activate “Custom CSS” and delete the content of the tabs “HTML”, “CSS” and “JS”
  2. Copy the HTML code from the first text document into the tab “HTML”
  3. Copy the JS code from the tutorial document into the tab “JS” and save it
  4. Deactivate all animations of the alert box in “Animation”

Now your animated Twitch Alert should be ready. Via the button “Emulate Events” you can test each Twitch Alert individually. Make sure you use the correct JS code. For the Donation Alert there is an individual code in the tutorial document, which additionally contains the used currency. Have fun with your Animated Alerts! If you have any questions, contact our team on our Discord server.