Twitch Panels

  • Do you not only want to improve your stream but also your channel description? Then our design panels are just the right thing for you. You don’t have to tediously create your Twitch panels. Instead, you can just buy them in the right size. We of course also have the matching overlays, alerts, designs and more for streamers matching your dream panel.

  • Integrate panels in the channel description

    Twitch considers panels to be the boxes that are shown below your live stream. You you use them to organize information about your stream in a sensible manner or to create surveys and such for your viewers. To edit the panels, first select your avatar at the top right on Twitch and you click on the “Channel” menu that opens. You then go to “Edit panels” to activate editing mode.

    Stream Kanal Panels bearbeiten auf Twitch

    Here, you can now add a panel by clicking on the large “+” icon. You can choose from a pure image/text panel and an extension panel. The first panel, as the name already suggests, provides information, such as for your channel description or an information box with your streaming times. With an extension panel, on the other hand, you can access and integrate a large number of extensions and apps. This lets you display information automatically, create surveys or integrate affiliate links to products on Amazon. You will find lots of banners and pictures for panels here in our shop.

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