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You want to push your game stream to the next level?

Let our professionell overlay templates make your stream more successful! No matter if you stream on twitch, mixer, youtube oder other platforms, our premium stream overlay templates will help you to get one step further than other streamers!

  • You get everyhting you need to push your stream to the next level!


    • Graphic resolution 1920×1080
    • .psd File Twitch Overlay Template
    • .psd File Twitch Overlay Offline Banner
    • .psd File Twitch Overlay Alerts & Notfications
    • .PNG File of every graphic / overlay
    • Complete OBS Studio Scene to import the whole Overlay and files with just a few clicks (only newer Packages)
  • You want to add a stream overlay using OBS Studio? It is as easy as you will read on the next view lines. That´s our Twitch Overlay Quick Guide:

    There are two ways to get it done:


    • A = Import PNG Files
    • B = Import a complete Scene in OBS.

    In our Stream Packages you will mostly get resources for both ways.


    A: Adding a Stream Overlay by adding PNG Files and Text fields manually

    1. Click on “+” at scenes and name your new scene
    2. Select the category “Picture” at “Sources” via “+” and create your source.
    3. Search for the image file of your overlay to insert it.
    4. For a webcam frame, repeat step 2+3.
    5. Select the category “Game recording” via “+” at “Sources” and create your source.
    6. Use “Capture specific window” as mode and then search for your game on Windows.
    7. Follow the correct order of your sources (e. g. overlay before game recording) and change them with the arrow keys in the source column.
    8. To add a webcam, click “+” again at “Sources” and search for the category “Video Recorder”.
    9. Once you have included the cam in your scene, you can select it in the column and then zoom in, zoom out and move it within the scene.
    10. To integrate followers, donations etc. into the overlay, select “BrowserSource” via “+” in the source column and insert the special link you get from providers like StreamLabs (Link:


    B: Import complete Overlay Scene with one click!

    1. Unpack the overlay package and install the fonts you find in there
    2. Start OBS Studio
    3. Import the scene (.JSON) we sent you
    4. Double-Click on “Overlay” and correct the file path to the unpacked png file
    5. Modify Text-Elements in the scene
    6. Modify Camera – DONE!


    If you need more information or a Video Tutorial, check our Twitch-Stream Overlay Guide

PlayerUnkowns Battlegrounds is currently breaking all records. While it is still in an alpha phase, it already became the most played game on Steam. Furthermore it often is listed as the most streamed and watched game on With more than 100.000 viewers watching 3000 streamers it is often the hot new shit on the streaming heaven it has the potential to rise to the new competitive eSports star. Get your PUBG Twitch Stream Overlay NOW as a PNG / PSD Template or OBS Scene and make your Twitch channel a better one!

Our general stream overlays are made for streamers with varying requirements. You are playing and streaming a lot of different games? You are also streaming IRL or with a fullscreen facecam? Here you find our templates for any situation: Customizable and flexible!

You are a CS:GO Pro or try yourself in streaming Counter Strike? Stand out from other CS-Streamers and get your professional CS:GO Stream Overlay for Twitch and other platforms. YOU are the most important part of your stream but the look of your stream comes next to take on with thousands of other streamers. Exklusive made by Andy, the Master of OWN3D.TV-designs.

DOTA2 has been one of the most watched and streamed games for years. It is the top game when it comes to esports, tournaments or prize-money and there are still thousands of streamers and millions of viewer of the game every single day on twitch and other platforms. All of those viewers are only watching the best streams. Make yours one of them with an exclusive OWN3D.TV DOTA2 Twitch / Stream Overlay Template!

League of Legends is one of the two most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. The worldwide community is huge with Millions of daily active player. Many of them watch thousands of streamers every day. We are talking about up to several hundred thousand live viewers on twitch and thousands of streamers – streaming and watching at the same time. Are you the one to make it to the top streamers? Beside YOU, your Channel is one of the top factors for more success on Twitch. Push it now and get a professionell twitch stream overlay as psd oder png template for more viewers, followers and subscribers!

Overwatch is one of the most successful Blizzard Entertainment games ever. While Diablo3 and Overwatch also do very well in game streaming and esports, Overwatch really made its way to one of the top streamed games. Some call it a mix of MOBA and FPS – as it is similar to Team-Fortress. Get your seat to the top of all Overwatch streamers by using one of our Overwatch Stream Overlays!

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