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In OWN3D news you will find lots of exciting and up-to-date news articles, which are definitely useful for you as a streamer or gamer in order to stay up to date. Our news section consists of six categories, which are constantly updated with the latest scene news. The category "Streaming" covers news around the streaming scene and a lot of interesting Twitch news. In the category "Gaming" you will find current gaming news as well as news about popular games. In the "Events" category you will find news about upcoming or already past events. The categories "Hardware" and "Software" contain a lot of exciting news about new hardware and software products for streamers and gamers. Finally, in the category "E-Sports" you will find news about current events in the esports scene. We hope that you will enjoy our news section and wish you a lot of fun browsing around!

Angelcamp 2.0 / 2021 - All info about the successor of the successful fishing camp with Knossi, Sido & Co.

Get ready for the streaming highlight of the year, because the legendary and history-rich Angelcamp goes into the second round! With many guests, live...


YouTube streamers can look forward to 3 long-awaited features

They were often demanded by the community and after a long wait, the video streaming giant from Silicon Valley takes heart and emulates its biggest co...


Linus Tech Tips feat. OWN3D - the most famous Tech-YouTuber presents streaming setup

Together with OWN3D, the 34-year-old also presents the best features of OWN3D Pro!


Twitch publishes official statement on so-called "hot tub streams"


Twitch reacts to the topic of "Hut Tub streaming" with a comprehensive contribution. In addition to a separate category, further changes will follow.

Incredible sums! Ninja tells how much money he made from Fortnite and streaming in 2018


During the big Fortnite hype of 2018, the now 29-year-old made more money than almost any other content creator



Let the games begin! The 4 brave warriors, who have already proven their courage in various camps, are getting ready for their biggest challenge yet....

MontanaBlack is looking for crypto developers - Is the MontanaCoin coming?


The currently prevailing crypto hype apparently does not leave even the most famous German streamer cold

Hot tub streamer taken for a ride - a Karpador in a wading pool


Popular streamer Sharperka pokes fun at the latest Twitch trend, earning sympathy points from the community

Sony & Discord make common cause - what this means for streamers!


It was recently announced that PlayStation manufacturer Sony is investing in the world's most popular voice chat platform, Discord. So nothing stands...

Twitch vs. YouTube - Twitch is still the first choice for streamers


In the first quarter of 2021, the streaming giant recorded significantly more watch hours than its biggest competitor from Google.

Streaming legend Knossi and the end for "Täglich frisch geröstet" on RTL


The sparrows have been whistling it from the rooftops for a long time and now it's a sad reality - RTL is parting ways with Knossi & Stefan Raab

The comedy award winner Slavik Junge goes among the streamers!


After the likeable comedian was already often part of various streams, he has now launched his own Twitch channel.

The banned streamer PhantomL0rd is happy about winning the lawsuit against Twitch!


He was banned back in 2016 and has been legally challenging the platform's decision since 2018 - now, according to him, the long court case has come t...

MontanaBlack and the broadcasting license - does the streamer now pull an ace out of his sleeve?


For weeks, MontanaBlack has been preoccupied with one topic in particular: the contract surrounding the broadcasting license that he, as a streamer of...

Twitch cracks down and removes over 7.5 million fake & bot accounts


Several well-known streamers are also affected by the unprecedented wave of bans, including xQc, who loses over 2 million followers.