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If there's one thing that has become apparent in the recent past, it's that livestreaming is now more than just the pure transmission of video game content. Many creators are increasingly focusing on pure entertainment on Twitch & Co. through live chat interaction. This way of entertaining an audience keeps opening up new opportunities for entertainers who want to stream away from the gaming theme. But what should the design of a stream that isn't about video games look like? Our exclusive Just Chatting Overlays were created specifically for this purpose! Step into the world of live entertainment and give your stream a modern, timeless and unique design with Twitch Chat Overlays by OWN3D.

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What are Just Chatting Overlays?

While many overlays are designed more for gaming, we offer you a huge selection of Just Chatting Overlays that fit perfectly into your stream and are on par with professional TV productions. Just Chatting Overlays are stream designs whose concept is not visually based on any particular theme. They usually serve to improve the look of your stream and provide the viewer with an orderly and tidy overall look.

Just Chatting Overlay complete packages from OWN3D

Developed with love, our Just Chatting complete packages are full-featured in both scope and appearance, containing all the elements you need for a successful stream. The concept of these “all in one” packages is that you as a creator get everything from one source and the design concept runs like a red thread through your entire channel. From static overlays to alert sounds and ending screens - OWN3D Just Chatting Overlays contain everything you need for a successful and professional looking livestream on Twitch, YouTube & Co.

Integrate Just Chatting Overlays into your stream

Our overlays can be easily embedded using OBS Studio, a free tool for streamers & creators.
  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. On the main screen, click the plus icon in the “Scenes” menu item.
  3. Name the scene after the overlay element you want to insert.
  4. Now link this scene to the element by selecting the source.
  5. Select the source and navigate to the download folder where the newly purchased Just Chatting Overlay complete package is located and select the appropriate element.

How to find the perfect Just Chatting Overlay for your stream

The design of your stream should first and foremost please YOU and reflect you as a person in the best possible way. So choose the Just Chatting Overlay from our store that you find the most beautiful. Make sure that the color scheme, design and style of the design matches your content. Do you want your stream to look as cozy as possible? Are you a pen & paper gamer and want to inspire your viewers with role-playing knowledge? Do you want it to be a bit more futuristic? For all these purposes we at OWN3D have the perfect complete package in our store!

Just Chatting Overlays from Streamers for Streamers

OWN3D stands in the community for high quality streaming products. That's why we've made it our mission to always provide you with great and contemporary designs. Our illustrators are big streaming fans and know exactly what matters in an overlay.