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IRL streams are becoming increasingly popular on Twitch & Co. Creators film themselves in their everyday life and share it live with their community. These streams can be very different and look very different. Meanwhile, there are real IRL experts among the streamers, who are equipped with the appropriate equipment and always ready for the next dead spot. For the perfect visual background of this kind of entertainment, we have put together special IRL overlays for Twitch for you. Whether it's your own shows, walking around, in the great outdoors or making music - with our overlays you'll be perfectly prepared for your next great IRL stream.

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What are IRL Overlays?

IRL overlays are designs created specifically for this type of streaming that, at their best, ideally match the content being streamed. Designs can vary and everything from classic plain overlays to futuristic and stylish templates are available.

IRL Overlay complete packages from OWN3D

Of course, in our IRL overlay complete packages you will not only find the classic design, but also animated transitions, alarms and even various sounds, with which you can optimally enhance your IRL stream. Our biggest ambition is to provide you as a creator with the ultimate “all-round carefree package”, which is not only very easy to install, but also customizable with just a few clicks. The overlays offer you a self-contained design concept, so that the look of the individual elements runs like a red thread through the corresponding complete package.

Integrate IRL overlays into the stream

The integration of your new IRL overlay is usually done with a common streaming tool. In this case, we would like to focus on the most popular and widely used program of this genre - OBS Studio. So how to embed your OWN3D overlay into OBS we will show you in this short step-by-step guide.
  1. Open OBS Studio
  2. Add a new scene by clicking on the + at the bottom of “Scenes”.
  3. Now you can give your scene a name - choose the name of the element you want to include. For example “Overlay”.
  4. This newly created scene should now be assigned accordingly. In our case we want to include the new overlay, which is an image. Therefore click on “Image” after clicking on the + under “Sources”.
  5. Select the overlay that is in the folder you downloaded after the purchase.
  6. Now you should resize the overlay.
  7. Done!

How to find the perfect IRL overlay for your stream

The topic of IRL streaming is wide and creative creators always come up with something new for their viewers for their IRL content. So an IRL stream can mean interviewing interesting people, filming yourself doing yoga, or letting the audience witness a new song being created. To round out your IRL stream visually, you'll want to consider which division your content falls into and then decide accordingly which design best suits you and your stream. Feel free to browse through our store and get an idea of the huge selection of overlay packages - we are sure that you will find the right IRL overlay for you!

IRL Overlays from Streamers for Streamers

Like probably everyone else, we love to be entertained. When we need a break from gaming and just want to watch likeable people producing content live in front of the camera, in whatever way, we look around on Twitch & YouTube for interesting IRL streams. As experts in streaming, we always take inspiration from here as well and try to adapt our designs to the market and current trends. So with OWN3D you are always up to date with IRL streaming as well.