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Some of the best-known streamers and creators are active on YouTube not only with their VOD content but also as live streamers. The platform is an excellent way to unite your entire community in one place - turning subscribers into viewers and new viewers into subscribers. But a professional stream on YouTube also needs a nice design. With our OWN3D YouTube overlays, we provide you with hundreds of different ways to visually customize your stream on YouTube. Show your viewers what you are capable of and give your stream and your channel a design that suits you.

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YouTube overlay complete packages from OWN3D

There are many design elements and many pre-made overlays out there, but you won't find such a wide selection of high-quality and individual overlay complete packages anywhere else like at OWN3D. Our ambition is to offer ambitious streamers the best all-inclusive package they can find on the internet. With our custom alerts, overlays, animated pause banners, YouTube banners and other useful elements, your YouTube stream will be visually elevated to a new level, so you don't have to worry about it anymore and can focus on becoming the next streaming star with your content.

About YouTube as a streaming platform

Meanwhile, YouTube as a live streaming platform has a very high status in the community. Next to Twitch, it is one of the biggest and most used portals when it comes to broadcasting live content. Time and again, big creators switch to YouTube and use their YouTube channel not only for VOD videos, but also to face the viewer live. On YouTube Live, unlike on Twitch, you can even stream in 4K and showcase the potential of next-gen consoles to your audience. Plus, nearly every smartphone user has the YouTube app on their device, so most people can access your stream instantly and without detours. The YouTube community is gigantic and just waiting to watch your professional stream!

Insert YouTube Overlays & Alerts

You've chosen an exclusive YouTube overlay, already downloaded it, and now you want to know the best way to add it to your stream to get started as soon as possible? No problem, we're here to help you set up your new stream design with a little step-by-step guide! For the setup, you'll need the free streaming tool OBS-Studio.
  1. After connecting your YouTube channel to OBS Studio, you'll be back in the main screen of the OBS interface.
  2. Click the plus icon under the “Scenes” window and create a new scene.
  3. Now you can assign a source to the new scene - in our case this source will be your new overlay.
  4. So click on the plus symbol below the “Sources” window and select “Image from” in the next drop-down menu.
  5. You now have the possibility to navigate in Windows Explorer to the folder where the new design is located.
  6. Select the appropriate image and click “Ok”.
  7. Finally, adjust the size of the design - done!

How to find the perfect YouTube theme for your stream

As a professional streamer, you should make sure that your channel has a consistent design. This way, you make sure that viewers immediately associate certain color combinations or designs with your channel - build a real unique selling point with an exclusive design from our store! Although a consistent design is important, you should be aware that you should constantly adapt your YouTube overlay to the current situation. Depending on the game you are playing, it can be beneficial to adjust the overlay design accordingly to guarantee the viewer the full streaming experience. In our store, you can find many YouTube overlays for every occasion, which will add variety not only to you, but especially to your community.

YouTube overlays from streamers for streamers

We are all about streaming! We are always looking for new trends and constantly analyzing the market to create new, unique designs for our users. Our team consists of many different people from all corners of the world, united by one thing: streaming. This is the only way we can offer you, the aspiring streaming professional, this huge selection of great and constantly updated YouTube overlays.