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Customize your ELGATO Stream Deck with Stream Deck Icons by OWN3D and turn this already helpful streaming device into an even more powerful companion to perfect your livestream. Designed by our talented illustrators, Stream Deck Icons by OWN3D are not only beautiful to look at, but also versatile and unique in their appearance. Choose from a huge selection of many different designs and make your Stream Deck the ultimate helper for your professional streams!

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All our Stream Deck Icon Packages are designed with highest precision and accuracy and contain 188 different icons. This gives you unlimited possibilities and you will find the right icon for every application – guaranteed. Another highlight, which you also get by purchasing one of our Stream Deck Icon Packages, is the Stream Deck Skin. You can easily stick the Stream Deck Skin on your Stream Deck and it is designed to match your icons perfectly. With the Stream Deck Skin, you get the most out of your Elgato Stream Deck and make sure that your Stream Deck becomes the visual highlight of your desk. Included in our Stream Deck Icon Packages: <ul><li>Static JPEG files</li><li>Animated Gif files</li><li>Photoshop file</li><li>Optional: Stream Deck skin to stick on</li></ul>


Elgato Stream Deck is a helpful and popular hardware tool for your perfect stream control. This creator controller gives you the ability to execute complex and elaborate commands with just one press of one of the LCD buttons. When you assign the buttons their function, you can choose from a limited selection of preset icons to quickly find the right one during the stream. Since the default icons are anything but individual, we help you with the Stream Deck Icons by OWN3D to personalize your Elgato Stream Deck in the best possible way.


Whether you have the 6-, 15- or 32-key version of the Stream Deck, it can be difficult to find the right key in the heat of the moment. Therefore, it is advisable to choose icons that best suit you and your stream. This way you can customize the look and layout of your Stream Deck to your taste and place them the way you like. Stream Deck Icons by OWN3D are delivered instantly in the perfect image size and in the appropriate, high-resolution PSD format, so setup is a breeze.


For the perfect start we would like to show you in this little guide how to integrate and use your new Stream Deck Icons by OWN3D in the Elgato Stream Deck. You don’t need any image editors, expensive software or technical knowledge to perform these steps and the process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Have fun!
  1. After successfully downloading the icons to a folder of your choice, open the Elgato Stream Deck software.
  2. Select the button you want to change the icon of by right-clicking on it in the main overview.
  3. Now the button’s options page will open – click the pre-made icon and you will get to the file browser.
  4. Navigate to the download path of your downloaded icons and select the image file you want to equip the Stream Deck LCD button with.
  5. Done – you should now see the corresponding icon of your Elgato Stream Deck’s button change visually. The actual function of the button will not be affected by changing the icon.


Static images are too boring for you and you need some movement? No problem! Breathe life into your Elgato Stream Deck with our animated Stream Deck gif icons – not only is it pretty to look at, but it can also be especially helpful for quickly seeing what certain buttons do. The actual setup of animated Stream Deck icons is no different from that of regular Stream Deck icons.


Our designers and illustrators use all their skills and passion to create the perfect Stream Deck icons for you. In addition to solid Photoshop skills and a talent for design, a high degree of creativity is required when creating new icons. From the sketch to the finished icon – OWN3D illustrators always do their best to present you a perfectly designed Stream Deck icon.


If you really want to get the most out of your stream, you won’t be satisfied with simple Stream Deck Icons, but would like to personalize your streaming setup exactly the way you like it. Whether it’s AFK screen, belly band fade-in, or playing an intro – with the right icons, you’ll always be able to find the right button and enjoy how your Stream Deck matches the rest of your stream’s look. Do it like the big ones and design everything according to your wishes – with the exclusive Stream Deck Icons by OWN3D!