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Alongside Twitch and YouTube, Facebook's streaming service is becoming increasingly popular. The largest of all social networks is now much more than a portal for simply connecting different people - Facebook Gaming is growing and growing and is currently used by more than 800 million users on a regular basis. Reason enough for us to help you with your Facebook streams with unique designs and overlays! Our exclusive Facebook overlays will make your stream shine in new splendor and turn you into a true streaming expert.

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Facebook Overlay Complete Packages from OWN3D

Every streamer should have its own DNA - the ideal way to accomplish this is to set a consistent design. For example, you can give your stream a unique look with certain elements and tailor it to your personal taste. Whether it's modern, classic, minimalist, cute or exciting, OWN3D's Facebook Overlay complete packages will give your channel a consistent look and set you apart from the competition. The package includes not only static designs, but everything you need for a professional stream! Alerts, scene transitions as well as offline banners are available with the purchase of a complete package for your Facebook stream.

About Facebook Streaming

As a streaming portal, Facebook is increasingly becoming the biggest competitor to the two major platforms Twitch & YouTube. Meanwhile, Facebook Gaming counts many millions of users every day and the user numbers of the service are growing daily! The big advantage over the competitors is that with Facebook Gaming you are automatically integrated into the world's largest social network and the potential audience is larger than on any other platform that currently exists. You can use this decisive trump card and make a name for yourself in the world of Facebook Gaming.

Add Facebook Overlays & Alerts

You can easily set up and personalize your Facebook stream. This is usually done with the free streaming tool Streamlabs OBS. To get you started, we'll show you how to add our Facebook Overlays to your stream in just a few minutes in this short step-by-step guide.
  • Open Streamlabs OBS.
  • Create a new scene in the main window of the tool by clicking on the + icon in “Scenes”.
  • Name the scene after the element you want to add. For example, “Overlay”.
  • Now you can add a new source within this scene.
  • Select the downloaded OWN3D Facebook Overlay and click on “Confirm”.

How to find the perfect Facebook streaming design for you

Facebook Gaming offers you, as a streamer, endless possibilities to stream exactly the game or content you want to stream. To make sure your viewers see that they are dealing with a professional and ambitious creator, you should opt for a consistent design. This way you'll stand out from the crowd and give your stream an individual and unique touch. Our library includes many different designs that will allow you to find the perfect design no matter what game you play. Feel free to browse our comprehensive store and find the perfect overlay complete package for your Facebook stream.

Facebook Overlays by Streamers for Streamers

We are avid fans of Facebook Gaming, Twitch, YouTube & Co. and want to offer our users the optimal streaming experience. That's why our talented designers do their best to create the perfect design for every situation and taste.