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In our OWN3D blog you can find everything you need to know about streaming. No matter if you just started to stream or if you are already an active streamer, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Our blog consists of four categories with high quality content that is just waiting to be discovered by you. In the "Tutorials" category you will find comprehensive guides to common streaming tools as well as many useful how-to guides. As the name implies, in the category "Tips" you'll find useful tips & tricks about streaming. In the category "Hardware" you can find useful guides and hardware recommendations for your perfect streaming setup. In the category "Streamers" you will find comprehensive biographies and further details about the most successful streamers. We hope that our articles will be helpful to you and that you enjoy reading them!

OWN3D Pro and Epidemic Sound join partnership to quash your DMCA strikes

Are you tired of constantly searching for royalty-free music so you don't risk getting a copyright strike while streaming? Do you want to choose from...


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failfish Meaning


failfish is used when someone cannot successfully complete a supposedly easy challenge even after multiple attempts.

PJSalt Meaning


PJSalt is a term from the livestreaming cosmos that is used when someone is particularly upset about something.

KKomrade ⇒ Meaning, Origin and more!


The term KKomrade, often used on the Internet, is used to make fun of certain forms of Russian patriotism.

SMOrc Meaning


SMOrc is a term or emote that is used to add a certain aggressive undertone to its statement.

TriDance ⇒ Meaning, Origin and more!


TriDance is an animated emote that is often used to virtually dance during a song.

PogU ⇒ Meaning ✓ Origin and more!


PogU is a term and emote meant to express surprise and joyful wonder.

MonkaGIGA Meaning


MonkaGIGA is used when you want to express your excitement or anxiety in livestream chat, comments or Discord.

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How to raid on Twitch - Everything you need to know!


Twitch is still the largest livestreaming platform for gamers and is responsible for several established features that are now used across industries....