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paulegendary on Ahri Counters

Warwick? ... Reply

Max Zou on Fiora vs Urgot

you need a jg, otherwise no way that you can win this ... Reply

Klappa on Leblanc vs Diana

Kappa // ... Reply

Deek on League of Legends

Twitch (also known as Twitch.tv) is a live streaming video platform owned by Amazon.com Inc. Sorry, no google. Amazone bought Twitch.tv the ... Reply

Penis on League of Legends

The domain name .tv is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tuvalu Nope, .tv doesn't stand for Television. Do your resear ... Reply

Akali Counter on Akali Counters

http://www.akalicounter.com ... Reply

asd on Kassadin vs Rumble

Kassadin wins this matchup with his q shield to block the flame spitter ... Reply

Mister_gun on Lissandra vs Pantheon

Can i Get Wearh Crown ... Reply

MVLaoo on Lissandra vs Pantheon

i Need Wearth Crown ... Reply

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