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The majority of all streamers work with the free streaming program OBS Studio. To entertain your viewers in the best possible way, OBS overlays are the perfect solution. We offer them in our store as complete packages. Choose from a huge selection of designs and find the OBS overlay that fits you perfectly. Because our products are delivered in the right format, you are just a few clicks away from an exceptional stream design that will make the competition green with envy. OBS overlays are easy to use, easy to install, and can be changed in seconds, so you can always customize your stream to fit the situation or video game you're currently playing.

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OBS Overlay complete packages from OWN3D

Don't waste time trying to assemble a semi consistent design from other sources. With our complete packages you get the ultimate solution, which includes everything you need for a stream design. Because when it comes to the look of your stream, you shouldn't compromise! The individual elements of our OBS overlays come from a single source and are ideally matched, so all you have to do is decide which design you like best. Besides animated overlays, alerts and transitions, the complete packages also include various additional elements such as YouTube banners, alert sounds or Twitch profile banners. So you can ensure a consistent design no matter what platform you're on and leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

About OBS Studio

The ultimate command center, the heart of your stream, the program on which everything depends - OBS Studio. The free program serves millions of streamers and content creators as a true organizational wonder with many useful features. With OBS Studio you control your entire stream, make all the basic settings and add your overlays. The easy-to-use, yet powerful tool has established itself as the most popular program in the streaming world over the past few years due to its wide range of possibilities.

OBS Studio Tutorial

In theOWN3D Blogyou can find a variety of useful tutorials and guides related to OBS Studio. We'll show you how to set up a stream, add design elements and which OBS Studio settings you should set.

OWN3D Pro - The ultimate OBS Studio plugin

WithOWN3D Pro, the name says it all - our in-house plugin for OBS Studio is designed to make it easy for you to set up your OBS overlays and become a true streaming pro! Instead of installing the individual elements yourself one by one, OWN3D Pro provides you with the ultimate solution, allowing you to add and change your overlays and complete packages with just one click. Plus, with OWN3D Pro you get instant access to over 600 premium overlays, royalty-free music for your stream, and much more. Designed by streamers for streamers, this tool is the ideal boost for you and your stream.

How to find the perfect OBS Studio design for you

There are an extremely large number of video games out there and therefore an almost infinite number of possibilities for you and your stream. So it's no wonder that as a creator, you're always changing games or devoting yourself to other content to present to your viewers. To make sure your stream design fits every situation, we offer you an individual overlay complete package for almost every game and every theme. Simply click through our well-stocked store and climb the streaming Olympus with designs that always fit perfectly!

OBS overlays from streamers for streamers

As absolute streaming fans, we feel responsible for providing you with the ultimate and best possible streaming experience with our products. We work hand-in-hand with the biggest streamers to create unprecedented events. With our expertise and experience, we'll turn you into a streaming pro in no time.