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Create your own animated emotes
The sky is the limit

There are millions of ways to customize your emotes by combining multiple animations.


You can use these animated emotes on Twitch, Discord and many other platforms!

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It only takes a few minutes to create your own animated emote for Twitch!

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Stand out with animated emotes

There’s nothing like a little movement to liven up an emote on Twitch. With our Animated Emote Maker, you can easily and quickly create your own designs. Animated emotes are beloved by streaming communities across the world and viewers very much enjoy using them during the streams.

Normally, it would be quite expensive to commission someone to create a unique animation for you, especially in a high enough quality for your stream – but now, courtesy of OWN3D’s Animated Emote Maker, creating such emotes is much more affordable and accessible for every content creator.

Make something awesome

Our animated emote maker has everything you need

Here is why this is the best place for you to make animated emotes.

Instant downloads
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Create animated emotes and get awesome rewards

OWN3D’s Animated Emote Maker is the industry’s first and best solution to create animated emotes for Twitch and other streaming platforms. Our fun and exciting animations can spice up any image you picked up as a baseline emote, including those you’ve created with ourEmote Maker. These options go way beyond what you can find in Twitch’s default options. Best of all, we will give you awesome rewards for creatingemoteswith the tool! The more animations you select, the more awesome reward animations we will give you as a bonus.

Animate your own emotes

How to animate your emotes with OWN3D


Select the emote to animate

Open up the Animated Emote Maker and you will have the option to provide the image you would like to animate as an emote. You can either use an existing Twitch emote that we automatically receive from your channel, an image from your computer or a previous creation from the standardOWN3D Emote Maker.


Choose the animations

Now you can select how you'd like to animate your Twitch emotes. Choose one or more of the available options by clicking on them. Check out the little previews to get a good idea of what your animated emote will look like. You can upload multiple emotes and select multiple animations as well!


Unlock awesome free animation rewards

The more animations you select, the more exclusive options you can unlock! We offer a variety of exciting special animations as a free bonus if you create a lot of animated emotes at the same time.


Finalize your choices

Once you're done, click on the “Create animations now” button in the bottom right corner of the screen and watch as the magic happens!

What our customers say about us

Frequently asked questions about our Animated Emote Maker

What is an animated emote?

Animated emotes are very similar to the static emotes you’re used to seeing on Twitch, except for the fact that they move around! Animated emotes are made up of multiple frames of individual images, which, when played quickly after each other, create the illusion of movement.

What is the optimal size for animated Twitch emotes?

Animated Twitch emotes should have the same dimensions as regular Twitch emotes: the baseline is 112x112px, and the other two standard sizes are 56x56px and 28x28px. Twitch’s auto-resize function allows you to upload anything up to 4096x4096px, which it will then scale back to these sizes. The final file size and framerate for the animated emotes is exactly what Twitch requires.

What image should I use for animation in the maker?

Any image works that matches your streaming platform’s content guidelines. You should grab something either in JPG or PNG format, with a square aspect ratio (for instance, 112x112px). You can also create a regular emote with our Emote Maker, then animate it for yourself!

Can I use my animated Twitch emotes on other platforms?

Yes, the emotes are not platform-specific. You can also use them on Discord, Slack or any other such community that allows you to upload animated emotes! This means you don’t have to be a Twitch Affiliate to make use of the Animated Emote Maker!

How do I add animated emotes on Twitch?

Once you’re an Affiliate or a Partner, you get the option to upload Animated Emotes the same way you would upload regular ones on the Creator Dashboard. Navigate to Viewer Rewards -> Emotes and click on the Upload New drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen. Here, you can select a regular emote or an animated emote to upload.

Can I use animated emotes on Twitch without Affiliate or Partner status?

You can also utilize third-party platforms to use your animated emotes in your Twitch streams as long as they support .gif format. BetterTTV allows you to upload animated emotes even if you aren’t a Twitch Affiliate or Partner yet. FrankerFaceZ is .png only, so you can’t integrate your animated emotes there. Be aware that users who do not have the Twitch extension installed will only see words instead of your animated emotes.

How do I get animated Twitch emotes?

You can either create animations from scratch, which is a time-consuming and expensive process, or you can also use something like OWN3D’s Animated Emote Maker, which will easily let you animate existing static emotes or any other image. This is by far the easiest and best way to get animated Twitch emotes as a content creator.

Can I create free animated emotes with the Animated Emote Maker?

As you create new emotes, you earn rewards by using the Animated Emote Maker. These rewards allow you to create even more emotes for Twitch and other such platforms! However, we don’t currently offer a trial option for your first animated emotes – instead, we made sure that the product is affordable and great value for streamers large and small!

I don't have an emote to animate. Where do I get one?

Take a look atOWN3D's Emote Maker! You can create your own custom emote that is the perfect fit for you channel out of more than 25 million distinct options!

Can I animate my custom emote from the OWND Emote Maker?

Yes! Our Animated Emote Maker tool easily allows you to transfer your previous creations from the OWN3D Emote Maker.

Can I animate an existing emote?

Yes, you have the option of selecting one of your existing Twitch emotes or any other image you’d like to animate when you begin the creation process with our Animated Emote Maker. This means you can also animate any other emote you’ve bought at OWN3D as part of a package!

Can I animate my own emotes from Twitch?

Yes, OWN3D’s Animated Emote Maker allows you to animate your existing Twitch emotes or any other image!