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Premium Stream Overlays and Stream Designs

Are you looking for the ideal "all in one" solution? With a Stream Overlay or Stream Designs from OWN3D you personalize your channel and let it shine in a professional and appealing design. No matter what your design preferences are, you will always find the perfect overlay for you! To make sure your channel looks consistent and tidy from front to back, we recommend our cool complete packages - so the new look runs through your channel like a red thread. It doesn't get more professional than this!

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Stream Overlay Complete Packages from OWN3D

Most of our stream overlays come in a complete package. That means you don't just get a design, you get a complete overhaul of your channel, because the elements included in the complete package leave nothing to be desired in their scope. Sweeten the streaming experience for your viewers and show how the alerts, thumbnails, animated transitions, and facecam overlays work perfectly together.
A design should always fit you and the content of your channel. If you have activated a medieval design with wooden elements and play Cyberpunk 2077 in your stream, two worlds collide that should not. Therefore, always make sure that your overlay fits the current situation! To make this happen, we have put together a huge selection of design packs in our store.

Stream Overlays and Stream Design Categories

In our shop you will find stream overlays for every occasion, every game and every streaming platform. In the respective category you will find the right overlay for you!

Embed stream overlays & alerts from OWN3D into your stream

Our design packages are delivered in the appropriate format and the ideal size, so all you have to do is embed them into your stream. Embedding the overlays & alerts is very easy and explained in just a few steps. For the best experience, we recommend that you use the free streaming tool OBS Studio, which we also used to create this short tutorial:
  • Download the archive file after the successful purchase and unzip it.
  • For the integration of a new overlay package you should create a new scene collection. Just click on "Scene Collection" -> "New" in the upper tab.
  • Now you can create different individual scenes within this scene collection. This way you can always switch back and forth between different scene collections, depending on the theme or game, without having to constantly reset everything.
  • Now add a new scene in the main screen of OBS - e.g. "Main Screen" or "Pause".
  • To add the overlay, click on one of your scenes and select the plus sign icon under "Sources".
  • To include animated sources like alerts, select "Media Source".
  • To add a static source, select the "Image" tab.
  • Once you have chosen a source type, you can navigate to the downloaded and unzipped folder in Windows Explorer and select the appropriate file.
  • Done - your overlay is successfully integrated!
Of course our Stream Overlay complete packages are also compatible with all other popular broadcasting tools like Streamlabs, XSplit or Lightstream.

How to find the perfect Stream Overlay / Stream Design for you

In our store you will find so many stream overlays that you will find the right design for almost every occasion. In any case, you should make sure that your stream design varies and, if possible, always matches the video game you are playing. This way you'll always offer your viewers a certain degree of variety and show that you strive to keep your channel up-to-date. Click through our categories and find the design package that best suits you and your stream. You can also find complete overlay packages for many popular games. Have fun browsing and streaming!