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OWN3D Pro modular package setup guide


Let the games begin! The 4 brave warriors, who have already proven their courage in various camps, are getting ready for their biggest challenge yet. For Knossi, Sido & Co. it's back to the relentless and merciless Middle Ages! There are exciting ancient challenges, interesting guests and of course plenty of live music.



Posted at May 18, 2021 · 4 minutes to read

Numbers, dates, facts

We can expect from May 28, 2021 to May 30, 2021 a unique and unprecedented in its dimensions streaming event of the greatest creators and musicians in Germany. Sido, Knossi, Manny Marc & Sascha Hellinger aka UnsympathischTV will put on the clothes of the common people and the noble knights for 48 hours to get to know the rough and merciless side of the Middle Ages on impassable ground and between cold castle walls.

The boys will have to make do with the simplest of means and move into sleeping bunks that are anything but soft, warm and comfortable. Of course, you can watch the streaming event of the year live and uncut on Twitch & Streamblast, just like the Angel- and Horrorcamp.

The Mittelaltercamp - What is known so far:


The 4 protagonists always make use of the latest technology in their everyday lives when they take videos and photos for Instagram with their smartphones, record music with high-end equipment or broadcast their content from home live on the Internet on Twitch. Given this fact, there can be no greater contrast for Sido & Co. than to be transported 500-1000 years back in time for a unique Twitch event.

The third and so far most ambitious camp of the troupe is therefore all about knights and castles! Thematically, after a leisurely fishing trip in the Angelcamp and a nerve-racking ghost hunt in the Horrorcamp, you can expect something completely new in the following Mittelaltercamp. The two past Camps could break already all spectator records and because the boys for the Mittelaltercamp once again completely special Challenges and activities to have let themselves invent, can be counted on the fact that the numbers of spectators will be again extremely high this time.

Besides the great guests and entertaining live music, we are especially looking forward to seeing how the participants will cope with the adversities of the Middle Ages. In addition, the crew can once again look forward to various - related to the theme - culinary specialties! If you are familiar with the Middle Ages, you will immediately think of a huge and richly laid table, over which the hungry castle dwellers will feast without cutlery and other table etiquette.

So far confirmed participants of the Mittelaltercamp





Manny Marc

Sascha Hellinger aka unsympathischTV

Streamheroes cards + limited collector's booklet


The good old Panini collector's books or Pokémon cards - we all love to collect elaborately designed likenesses of our heroes. Streamheroes offers you exactly this opportunity! Become part of the large Streamheroes community, collect the cards of your favorite streamers and complete your decks. In the course of the upcoming Mittelaltercamp of Knossi, Sido & Co. the guys and girls of Streamheroes & OWN3D have once again come up with something very special.


There will be specially created trading cards for the Mittelaltercamp - in printed form! But as if that wasn't cool enough, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the matching and strictly limited Streamheroes Mittelaltercamp collector's booklet. This way, you can not only collect the 18 brand new cards of the brave heroes in physical form, but also immortalize them in your specially designed scrapbook.


OWN3D and the Mittelaltercamp

The team of OWN3D didn't let themselves down again and created an exclusive visual concept for the Mittelaltercamp. All illustrations, trailers, logos and transitions were created by our talented designers and creators! We also created the collector's cards and the corresponding collector's booklet to make the Mittelaltercamp an unforgettable event of superlatives on a visual level as well.

Videos of the Mittelaltercamp

In the run-up some videos of the participating stream icons have already been published, which give a little taste of what you can expect at the Mittelaltercamp with Knossi and Sido. You can find the videos here:

YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail

Rewind Day 1

The Medieval Camp has started!

After the boys celebrated their gloriously staged entrance at 18:00 sharp, the audience was first introduced to the location in detail in the usual camp manner. Knossi, Sido, MannyMarc & Sascha aka. unsympathischTV call a real castle, including a torture chamber and everything that goes with it, their home for the next few days. After a short tour, the warriors and their guests made themselves comfortable by the fire and the camp events slowly took their course.

After a short time, the first highlight took place - a pyro artist heated up the camp participants with a bombastic fire show. Thrilled by the performance, Knossi, MannyMarc tasted blood and tried themselves as a human dragon. The talent for handling the hot element can definitely not be denied to the two.


Speaking of fire: Later in the evening, the participants came up with the grandiose idea of taking the bathtub that was standing around there and putting it on the campfire. The water was to be made pleasantly warm and used for a nice hot tub session. So one of the camp's guests, called Twelve, got ready for a warm bath, climbed into the tin tub and was washed by none other than Elena Kamperi. A funny picture and certainly proof once again that the dynamism and spontaneity that prevails at the camps always makes for entertaining moments.


The winner of Knossi's talent show, Isaak Guderian, also provided a nice moment! Late in the evening, he was brought into the camp live via video call and performed some of his hits with his adorable and unbelievable voice. The medieval crowd was thrilled and demanded encore after encore.

There was singing, dancing, laughing and the wheat juice flowed in streams, - but then it was time for Sido & Co. It was time for the first real challenge: the torture chamber. After the community on Streamblast had voted that their one and only king, Jens "Knossi" Knosalla should be the one to be tortured, the participants went to the dreaded torture chamber, where two gloomy looking people in hangman's robes were already waiting for the victim. And so it came to a torture that many will remember from their childhood: itching powder! A few minutes later, the self-proclaimed king of the internet was given the said torturous itching powder in his trousers, whereupon Knossi jumped up with a red head and didn't know what was happening to him. Luckily for him, there was still a bathtub in the camp, in which he then lay down to counteract the effect of the powder.


Night fell between the castle walls and all the participants gathered around the fire to play a few solid rounds of "Palermo", a variation of the popular game "Werewolf", as is the tradition at the camps. Day 1 of the medieval camp finally came to an end at around 3:00.



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