Overlay de Twitch Premium

¿Buscando una nueva sobreimpresión de Twitch o diseño de stream? Ofrecemos más de 80 sobreimpresiones de Twitch premium para OBS, Streamlabs, Streamlabs, Streamelements, Mixer, Youtube, o Facebook. Nuestros paquetes de plantillas de superposición de secuencias incluyen superposiciones, alertas, paneles, banners y (algunos de ellos) animaciones. Echa un vistazo a las plantillas especiales de superposición de Twitch para Fortnite, LoL, Call of Duty, PUBG, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, u otros juegos o transmisiones de IRL. También puede consultar nuestra guía sobre «cómo utilizar una sobreimpresión en su flujo» más abajo

Nuestros overlays de twitch más populares del 2019

Ofrecemos Plantillas premium de Twitch para muchos juegos e IRL. Tenemos productos para los juegos más vistos en Twitch como Fortnite, PUBG, LoL, Overwatch, Dota 2, Hearthstone o CS:GO, pero también tenemos Overlays para el chat e IRL.

Overlays de Fortnite

Fortnite sigue siendo uno de los juegos más vistos en Twitch

Overlays de PUBG

PUBG ofrece mucho espacio para graficos asombrosos

Overlays de Overwatch

Overwatch es un gran juego para eSports en Twitch

Overlays animados

¿Buscando un overlay animado para tu stream? Aquí vamos.

Overlays para cámara de cara

Sabes que no deberías usar la cámara sin un Overlay, No?

Overlay para el chat de Twitch

Tenemos el overlay perfecto para tu chat y pantalla de charla!

Overlays para IRL

Los streams IRL son muy diversos. Igual que nuesotrs templates para IRL!

Overlays gratis

Nos enfocamos en overlays premium para Twitch, pero también tenemos algunas cosas gratis para vos!

Que es un Overlay de Twitch?

Twitch Overlays are graphics, animations or tools that are displayed in a stream over the actual content (game or video) during a live broadcast. These Overlays, also called Stream Overlays or Stream Templates, are usually graphics (.JPG, .PNG) or animations (.GIF, .WEBM) that are added via streaming software such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Streamlabs OBS or XSplit. Our graphics can be used with streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, Huya or others.

How do I add a Twitch Stream Overlay (with OBS)?

A Twitch Stream Overlay can easily be added to your stream. No matter if you use OBS, Streamlabs OBS (SLOBs), StreamElements or other tools, our products can be used and added everywhere. In this tutorial, we will show you how: https://www.own3d.tv/obs-tutorial-for-twitch-youtube/

Do you also offer Custom Twitch Overlays?

We have already created many Custom Twitch Overlays for customers. Currently, it’s not possible to order them via the shop. If you are interested in a Custom Twitch Overlay, please contact our support and send us a message. But please be aware: The creation of a Custom Stream Overlay Package in our usual quality with matching panels, banners, etc. usually takes about 2-3 days. This means at an already low hourly price a few hundred Euros for custom work for complete stream designs.

How can I create a Twitch Overlay myself?

You haven’t found a matching product or don’t have enough money to buy one? Then you can try it yourself. There are many tutorials on YouTube that show you how to create a Twitch Overlay yourself. But please keep in mind: In our teamwork professional designers and illustrators. The effort for a complete stream design is often several days despite the professionalism and speed. So do you really want to create it yourself, or do you buy the SET for a really fair price and can download it directly, add it and start streaming? Your decision!

Does own3d.tv also offer free Twitch Overlays?

Yes, even though we are specialized in premium products, most of the time there are some free Twitch Overlay Templates available for download here. Why we don’t offer all products for free: With our online shop we enable artists and passionate gamers to live from their dream. Compared to the effort of creating a product, you can buy it at a reasonable and fair price in the shop. By purchasing one of our products, you are helping gamers to live their passion.

Is there a Twitch Overlay Maker or Generator?

No, unfortunately, we don’t currently offer a Twitch Overlay Maker or Generator. But if you are looking for an Avatar, have a look at our Avatar Maker!

Where can I find a «Stream Starting Soon Overlay»?

Stream Starting Soon Overlays or banners are available as a package in each of our Ultimate and Monster Packages. As single products, you can find them here.

Is it possible to stream without stream graphics?

Yes, you can stream without stream graphics, but a professional stream design can help to set your own stream apart from the many thousands of other streamers. Many professionals show how valuable the graphics, emotes and badges are for their community building. We don’t know anyone who has used professional design once and then ever wanted to stream without it again.

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