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Horrorcamp is over - We look back to an eventful weekend
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Horrorcamp is over - We look back to an eventful weekend
Horrorcamp is over - We look back to an eventful weekend

Horrorcamp is over - We look back to an eventful weekend

On Sunday morning it was all over. While the participants and their guests thanked the audience for a great weekend, the crew was already busy with the dismantling of the location and you could see that many of them slowly lost their breath. Which moments are especially memorable for us, and what are the community's voices about the horror camp?



Posted at November 2, 2020

The four record breakers exceed all expectations

Once Knossi officially announced the Horrorcamp, success was pre-programmed. Looking at the audience figures from the Angelcamp, the success was inevitable. All of us were amazed in the summer at the number of people the participants were able to mobilize, and one could assume that the record from half a year ago would be broken on the very first evening of the Horrorcamp. And that is exactly what happened. Just 40 minutes after the live stream started, the event attracted around 336,000 viewers. Another milestone in the German streaming history and for the participants a reason to celebrate early on.


A livestream outshines many television productions

The production was similar to a professional TV production and seemed much more elaborate than in the summer at the Angelcamp. Particularly noteworthy was the integration of Streamblast, which allowed viewers to intervene live in the streaming events and monitor additional information, such as the current pulse of the participants, outside the familiar Twitch interface. This turned out to be an extremely entertaining tool as the guys explored the abandoned and creepy floors of the old hotel. Such a professional and lavish implementation for a Twitch stream has never been seen before in Germany. Especially considering the current COVID19 situation, there is nothing but hats off to this exemplary organization. Like the Angelcamp, the Horrorcamp hit the ravages of time. Entertainment, involvement of the viewers and above all flexibility is important nowadays. Shortly after Sido's accident, theStreamheroesteam illustrated a special "Trustfall" collectible card and integrated it into their website in record time. The viewers were thrilled and collected this card more than 40.000 times during the Horrorcamp. Rapper Sido was also happy about the spontaneous idea and shared the card in his Instagram Story.


Many entertaining guests completed the whole package - no sign of boredom

Several well-known guests were invited to the Horrorcamp, which always brought dynamics to the event. This way, there were hardly any boring moments and even if the main actors were not in front of the camera, there was always someone to entertain the viewers. Among the special guests were Slavik, Pietro Lombardi, inscope21 and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf.


But a very special member of the group is often forgotten in the news coverage around the Horrorcamp: Fridolin the Butler, played by the brilliant Uwe Preuss. The actor and author, at 59 years of age, looks back on an impressive vita and deserves great respect for his role as Fridolin, who always provided the participants with a delicious Fanta Lemon or a round of ALGE and even actively participated in the events. A great support and addition for the Horrorcamp 2020!


Did the Horrorcamp live up to its name?

Shortly after its start, discontent spread in parts of the community. More than once the chat indicated that the ghost hunts and games were not really scary and that there was no Halloween atmosphere. Knossi and his friends had to put up with a similar accusation back in the summer at the Angelcamp. The participants were accused that it was hardly about fishing per se, but that the event could have been passed off as "camping at the lake". However, with both camps, the choice of location and the dedication of all participants shows that a lot of thought was put into the event and that they tried to meet the topic as authentically as possible.


Of course you can't film a "Blair Witch Project" and entertain 300.000 people. Likewise you will not be able to organize a fishing contest with amateurs. The fact that Sido wears his heart on his sleeve should be a well-known fact. The rapper responded many times to negative comments in the chat with the explanation that it may not look particularly scary for people at home, but he can assure that the horror program is extremely nerve-racking for the participants. His statement was also confirmed by the pulse measurements of the candidates. During the ghost hunts and games they were always in the middle of the hundreds.


Despite the few negative comments, the Horrorcamp 2020 was a great success. There was a new viewer record, the guests suited the program well and overall it was an extremely entertaining weekend. Just the fact that viewers are given such an elaborate event for free is worth a big thank you to the organizers. Knossi, Sido, unsympathischTV and Manny Marc are in such good harmony with each other that you just can't help but watch the group. We are already looking forward to the Christmas event in winter.




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