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OWN3D Blog Streaming Ludwig breaks Ninja's record, ends his insane continuous stream and announces he will never host another subathon again
OWN3D Pro modular package setup guide

Ludwig breaks Ninja's record, ends his insane continuous stream and announces he will never host another subathon again

Ludwig Ahgren became the world's most successful streamer within a month and had people talking about him all over the world. But now the wild journey has come to a satisfying end.



Posted at April 14, 2021 · 2 minutes to read

Offline! It's over, - the Twitch sensation from America has ended his 30-day stream and thanks the fans and the Twitch community for a great time. He had been on the air since March 14, as a short round of gamers with friends turned into a so-called subathon. What followed were numerous reports in the media, a huge hype and very many new subscribers for Ludwig himself. And although, according to his own statements, he learned a lot and it was an unforgettable time for him, the 25-year-old made it clear that there will be no more such action from him. By the way, he broke the 2 year old sub record, which was held by none other than Ninja.

Ninja has to admit defeat - Ludwig breaks more than 2 years old record!


269,154 - that was the number that had to be broken. Almost 7 hours before the end of the stream, Ludwig set a new sub-record. The display of "Total Subscribers" increased incessantly and the chat went completely crazy when the magic limit was crossed, setting Ninja's record. Besides the fact that the community has a new Twitch king, they were of course also happy about the donations that were collected on the last day. Ludwig namely promised to donate the proceeds of all subs that would be generated on the last stream day to charitable organizations. A nice gesture that I'm sure former record holder Tyler "Ninja" Blevins will be happy with, even if he has to vacate the podium for the time being.

No subathon 2.0


Even though the record-breaking stream has made history and is already considered one of the major Twitch highlights of the year, Ludwig announced in the stream that there will be no continuation of this action. He justifies this decision by saying that sequels are never good - neither for movies (he cited the Hangover series as an example) nor anywhere else. "It would never be as good as the original," Ahgren said. That he might be right about this is something we've seen several times in pop culture in the past. Picking up where the legendary action left off, leaving it at that and focusing on "normal" streams - that will probably be Ludwig's big challenge now.



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