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BabyRage Meaning

The BabyRage emote is widely used when you want to highlight someone's infant behavior or toddler's tantrum. Either from the streamer or from someone in the chat.


Posted at November 20, 2020

BabyRage Twitch Emote Meaning

The BabyRage emote shows a baby, crying for no reason. Often, viewers use the BabyRage emote when the streamer is having a tantrum or they are about to go crazy and cry because they are not doing well in a video game.

If a streamer behaves like a toddler, crying and screaming helplessly because he can't do anything to change the course of a match, he starts screaming and insulting everyone, it's normal for the viewers to spam BabyRage emotes.


BabyRage Emote Origin

The BabyRage emote was created in the early days of Twitch. It is one of the original emotes introduced to the streaming platform. Nobodys knows the exact date when the BabyRage emote was created. The first time we saw it was in the Urban Dictionary in 2009.

This emote was popularized in Arteezy's Twitch channel, a streamer that often gets very angry when he fails or has bad games while playing DotA 2 matches.

The BabyRage emote is, to this day, somewhat outdated.

How is BabyRage Pronounced?

BabyRage emote is very easy to pronounce: “baby-rage”.


BabyRage emote is one of the original Twitch emotes. It first appeared in 2009 in the Urban Dictionary. It became popular because of its meaning. With it, viewers react to a streamer's childish and angry behavior. Sometimes, the BabyRage emote is used to make the streamer even more angry.


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