Prime Gaming - Everything you need to know!
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Prime Gaming - Everything you need to know!
Prime Gaming - Everything you need to know!

Prime Gaming - Everything you need to know!

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about prime gaming formerly known as twitch prime!



Posted at September 10, 2020

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming - formerly Twitch Prime - is a premium membership for Twitch which gives you access to some exciting features on the site, such as free subscriptions, exclusive badges & emotes, additional features for your channel and much more. Prime Gaming is unlocked through Amazon Prime and the membership has no extra costs except the running costs for Amazon Prime. Which extras are included in the Prime Gaming package, which advantages and disadvantages the membership has and other frequently asked questions are answered in this article.

How much is Prime Gaming?

Since Prime Gaming is part of an Amazon Prime Membership, you only have to pay the costs for the Amazon Prime Membership. This is free of charge in the first month and costs $12.99/month or $119 in the annual subscription.  As a student, the first 6 months are even free of charge and after that, a 50% discount is granted for up to 4 years of membership. To activate Prime Gaming, all you need to do after purchasing Amazon-Prime membership is to link your Twitch account to your Amazon account.

Prime Gaming Features

A Prime Gaming Membership brings a number of features with it. For example, you are granted a free monthly subscription to a channel of your choice on Twitch. You will also receive a badge that can be seen in the Twitch chat and exclusive emotes that are only available to Prime members. Another advantage is the "Prime Loot" feature - this allows you to unlock content in video games by watching streams. No matter if skins, game content or in-game currencies. 

Prime Gaming also offers interesting extras for streamers. The biggest advantage is the possibility to save past streams on your channel for up to 60 days instead of the usual 14 - however, this requires affiliate status. On top of that, you also have all the advantages of Amazon Prime, as Amazon Prime membership is essential for a Twitch-Prime subscription.

Advantages and disadvantages of Prime Gaming


  • One free subscription per month to a Twitch channel of your choice
  • A badge in Twitch chat
  • Advanced options for chat colors
  • Perfect for those who regularly order from Amazon
  • Raffles of games, DLCs and other extras (Prime Loot)
  • Exclusive Twitch-Prime Emotes
  • Streams on your channel can be stored for up to 60 days instead of the usual 14, provided you have affiliate status


  • Involves costs
  • Unlike Twitch Turbo, does not grant freedom of advertising
  • Even if there is no need for Amazon Prime, membership must be acquired to use Prime Gaming

Subscribe via Prime Gaming

Once you have activated your Prime Gaming membership and linked your Amazon account to Twitch, you can directly activate a free subscription to a streamer of your choice. By subscribing, you support the streamer, get access to custom emotes and a badge in the streamer's Twitch chat. To use this, first open the channel of the streamer you want to subscribe to. Then click on "Subscribe" and you will see the option "Prime Gaming". Select this, and you will receive the subscription status - valid for 30 days. After 30 days, you can either subscribe to the same streamer again or choose a new favourite.


Cancel Prime Gaming membership

Since Prime Gaming is connected to Amazon, cancelling your membership is very easy. All you have to do is delete your Amazon account from your Twitch account. 

To do this, first open Here you will have the option to cancel the connection between your Twitch account and your Amazon account. Once you have confirmed this, your Prime membership is automatically cancelled.


In summary, we can say that Prime Gaming has many advantages. If you are a regular Twitch user anyway and have also subscribed to a channel or two, the cost difference is about $3/month. For this, you will be offered a lot of features and you can also use the advantages of Amazon Prime. For students, the whole thing is also available at half price. We therefore think that Prime Gaming is suitable for everyone who uses Twitch a lot and especially for streamers who like to save their streams on their channel and don't want to delete them after 2 weeks.



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