Twitch Studio vs. OBS & OWN3D Pro vs. Streamlabs
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Twitch Studio
Twitch Studio vs. OBS & OWN3D Pro vs. Streamlabs
Twitch Studio vs. OBS & OWN3D Pro vs. Streamlabs
Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio vs. OBS & OWN3D Pro vs. Streamlabs

In this article, you'll learn which streaming software is best for you! We compare the three biggest providers: Twitch Studio, OBS Studio in combination with OWN3D Pro, and Streamlabs with each other and list the pros and cons of each software solution - enjoy!



Posted at January 28, 2022

1 Twitch Studio vs. OBS Studio vs. Streamlabs

In order for the signal from your computer to be recognized and transmitted to a streaming platform in real-time, you need a so-called streaming tool. These small software solutions act as a bridge between your PC and the streaming platform. They run in the background and capture the material you select, then process it according to your settings and send it on.

Once you get to grips with the subject of streaming, you'll realize relatively quickly that there are now a number of streaming tools that you can use to transmit your stream on the Internet. And even if the different programs basically all do the same thing, they differ in detail sometimes very much. While one tool is designed more for streaming newbies, the other one is more popular with people who already have some streaming experience and need more than just the standard features. In this comprehensive article, we would like to introduce you to the different streaming programs and compare them with each other. For which target group is which tool best suited and how do they differ from each other? So if you've always wondered whether you should use Twitch Studio, OBS Studio or Streamlabs for your streams, you've come to the right place.

1.1 Twitch Studio

Twitch Studiois a software solution developed for streaming on Twitch, programmed directly by Twitch to ensure a perfect integration of the familiar Twitch interface into a functional streaming tool. While all other programs are "third party", Twitch Studio is perfect to stream with on Twitch. The program is currently still in beta, but it is so far advanced that many features are already integrated and work without any problems. In Twitch Studio, just like in other programs, you can create scenes and sources and adjust them so that they work perfectly for you as a creator. So basically, the in-house Twitch tool offers everything a streamer needs in this day and age. So what's the catch? 

Well, Twitch Studio is pretty user-friendly and perfectly integrated into the Twitch system, but it can't compete with other programs like OBS Studio or Streamlabs in terms of feature variety and customization options. So if you really want to customize your stream, make various audio and video settings, you will reach the limits of Twitch Studio pretty quickly. The tool is geared more towards the target group of streaming newbies, but can cover pretty much all functions there. 


  • Twitch Studio is free of charge
  • Very beginner- and user-friendly
  • Seamless integration into the Twitch system, which makes it even easier to use
  • Self-explanatory user interface
  • Green screen support
  • Good performance even on mid-range computers
  • Very good overall overview during the stream - without installing additional plug-ins.


  • Rudimentary range of functions
  • Only Twitch streaming is possible
  • Rather unsuitable for streaming professionals
  • Still in the beta phase
  • No possibility to install plug-ins
  • Installation of overlays and design elements is rather cumbersome

1.2 OBS Studio

OBS Studiois, so to speak, the forefather of all streaming tools and still the most widely used. It is popular with professional streamers and beginners alike and, due to its age and the associated experience of the developers, can boast an incredible repertoire of features and possibilities. The streaming tool was released as an open-source project back in 2012 and has been constantly maintained, expanded, and improved ever since. It is considered to be the streaming tool that offers the most features on a stationary level. Due to the fact that OBS Studio is completely free and can be fully used by anyone, it is repeatedly referred to as the ultimate streaming tool. 

However, where there is light, there is also shadow. While OBS Studio offers many features that are also very in-depth on a technical level, these factors make it much more difficult for streaming newbies to get started. While with Twitch Studio all you have to do is sign in with your Twitch account and then get started, OBS is a blank sheet of paper, so to speak, waiting for you to write on it. So before you start streaming with OBS Studio, reading through a guide or watching a video on the subject is highly recommended.


  • Huge feature set
  • Completely free of charge
  • Numerous technical customization options
  • Can be used with many different plug-ins and extensions (OWN3D Pro)
  • Experienced developers and regular updates
  • Can be used for just about all streaming and video platforms


  • Can be a bit overwhelming for beginners at first
  • Requires some resources at times
  • Somewhat outdated user interface

1.3 Streamlabs

While Twitch Studio and OBS Studio are just programs you download to your PC, install, and start using,Streamlabsis much more than that. Streamlabs combines the advantages of OBS Studio and Twitch Studio, and with its dashboard on the associated website, it also offers many different additional features that are very interesting for any streamer. The program itself is very similar to OBS Studio and is in no way inferior to it in terms of its stationary settings options. Nevertheless, at first glance, it seems much more modern, tidier, and therefore more beginner-friendly. The big difference to OBS Studio, however, is that you have to create your own account and connect it to your preferred streaming platform in order to use it. 

You can then log in to the website and benefit from the many additional features. For example, you can set up a donation page, chatbots, and alerts, or install overlays and other design elements for your stream. In addition, you can find all information about your past streams in the Streamlabs dashboard - here you can analyze and evaluate them. However, if you want to use Streamlabs to its full extent, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of around 15 € as part of the so-called Streamlabs Prime Service. However, if you are looking for a functional and very clearly structured all-in-one tool, you will certainly be quite happy with Streamlabs.


  • Connect Twitch/YouTube/Facebook account.
  • Installing chatbot, overlay, alert, and widgets is easily possible
  • Own donation page
  • Main program is very clear and easy to understand
  • Extensive feature and settings variety


  • Not free if you want to use all features
  • Quite CPU and RAM hungry
  • If you want to stream on a platform other than Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, a Prime subscription is required
  • 24/7 support only with Prime subscription

2 If you are not only on Twitch, you won't get far with Twitch Studio

Most streaming programs can easily be used for all popular platforms (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo), but Twitch Studio puts a stop to users who want to stream on YouTube, for example. Due to the fact that Twitch Studio was developed directly by Twitch, it is of course not surprising that the software can only be used on its own platform. For Twitch streamers, however, Twitch Studio could be a good alternative, because the setup is relatively easy and the program is exceptionally performant even on older computers.

3 Twitch Studio vs. OBS Studio vs. Streamlabs - which program for whom?

Now you're probably wondering which program you should choose. Of course, this depends on what you want to do with the program or how extensively you want to customize your livestream. Basically, all streaming tools presented here are very good and optimally designed for streaming. However, it is the small, subtle differences that could influence your decision. For this reason, we would like to briefly summarize which program is recommended for which type of streamer.

3.1 For you, Twitch Studio is the right streaming tool, if

Twitch Studio is the right streaming tool for you if you are a Twitch newbie and don't want to deal with the technicalities for a long time, but just want to get started. All you need to stream with Twitch Studio is a Twitch account and a computer or laptop. Twitch Studio covers 90% of the features a professional streamer needs and has a great and understandable user interface.

3.2 OBS Studio is the right streaming tool for you if

OBS Studio is the right streaming tool for you if you are a streaming enthusiast and want to customize your livestream down to the smallest detail. With OBS Studio you have the possibility to set up your stream in such a way that it is visually and technically in no way inferior to a large television production. The free program is particularly suitable for experienced streamers or those who are willing to look at various guides or videos on the Internet on the subject of OBS Studio.

3.3 Streamlabs is the right streaming tool for you if

Streamlabs is the right streaming tool for you if you are looking for the ultimate all-in-one tool and want to have everything in one place. If installing plug-ins and extensions in OBS Studio is too complicated for you and you prefer everything to be woven together, Streamlabs could be the ideal program for you. However, if you want to use Streamlabs to its fullest extent, you'll be hard-pressed to avoid signing up for a paid Prime subscription. Before doing so, however, you can familiarize yourself with the basic features in the free version of Streamlabs.

4 OWN3D Pro - The ultimate OBS Studio plugin

OBS Studio is a powerful streaming tool that allows you to feed various plug-ins into the program and use them to personalize your stream in the best possible way. Since installing overlays and design elements with OBS can be quite complicated, there is a tool that offers all these possibilities and makes activating over 600 alerts, overlays, and other elements a breeze. We're talking, of course, about the popular all-in-one toolOWN3D Pro.

It combines the gigantic selection of design elements with OBS and turns it into a brilliant all-in-one package that couldn't be easier to use. After installing OWN3D Pro, you can change your overlays with just one click in OBS Studio and adapt your stream to the current conditions in no time at all. Moreover, in the OWN3D Pro dashboard on the official website, you can view a lot of different data about your streams, set up your own donation page, and even different chatbots. The latest feature that makes OWN3D Pro a unique tool is the integration of OWN3D Music. You have access to a huge library of royalty-free songs that you can play in your stream without getting into trouble with Twitch.

5 Conclusion

Even though there are many different streaming tools out there - the question of which one is the best is not easy to answer, because it always depends entirely on who is using the tool for what purposes. Twitch Studio is a rather simple tool, but it has many advantages over its competitors. Among other things, it is firmly anchored in the Twitch ecosystem, which should be a great advantage for streaming newcomers. However, Twitch Studio cannot quite keep up with the big tools like OBS Studio or Streamlabs in terms of functionality. 

The program from Twitch still concentrates on the very basic functions of a well-functioning streaming software and primarily impresses with a well-designed user interface and good usability. However, those who want to customize their stream a bit and add the final touches might not be happy with Twitch Studio. So those who expect more from a streaming tool should rather turn to solutions like OBS Studio or Streamlabs.


Which is the best streaming tool?

This question cannot be answered in a general way. Each streaming tool has its advantages and disadvantages.

Is Twitch Studio free of charge?

Yes, Twitch Studio is completely free, but it is still in beta.

Twitch Studio vs Streamlabs - Is Twitch Studio better than Streamlabs?

Twitch Studio is not better or worse than Streamlabs. Streamlabs is designed more for streaming professionals, while Twitch Studio is designed for newbies.

Where can I download Twitch Studio?

You can download Twitch Studio from the official Twitch website at this link.

Is it hard to set up Twitch Studio?

The setup of Twitch Studio is very user-friendly and explained in an understandable way, so that even streaming beginners should hardly have any questions.



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