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BibleThump Meaning

It is a term and emote used to show sadness. It is used both to show sorrow and as a joke. It is the most commonly used crying emote.


Posted at November 19, 2020

BibleThump Twitch Emote Meaning

The emote BibleThump is used to show sadness and crying in the chat. Its use is not only to show real sadness, it is used as a meme as well.

It's mostly used on the Twitch platform and it is the most used crying emote. Although its size is small, the tears can be clearly seen.

It is the most used emote in Twitch to show sadness and one of the most popular emotes of the platform.


BibleThump Emote Origin

The origin of the BibleThumb Emote can be traced back to the computer game "The Binding of Isaac", which was released in 2012. In this game, you play a main character who represents the face of the BibleThumb emote.

In the same year, the streaming platform Twitch recognized and provided the Emote as of the official Twitch emotes.

The popularity of the emote spiked in 2013 through the website ICryeverytime. On this website you can see nothing else than animated BibleThumb emotes, which are raining down from the top of the screen. As if that wasn't "sad" enough, sad violin music plays in the background and a timer is shown. This timer counts how much time you spent “crying” on the website. Feel free to have a look at the website. You can find a link to it here.

How is BibleThump pronounced?

BibleThump is pronounced as “bible-thump”.


BibleThump came from The Binding of Isaac to stay. His tears help us to show our sadness or disappointment in Twitch. It is also used as a meme to show false sadness.


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