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MonkaS Meaning

MonkaS is an emote used to express anxiety or concern.


Posted at November 18, 2020

MonkaS Twitch Emote Meaning

The MonkaS emote is mostly used on the streaming platform Twitch and is always used when viewers are worried or scared. This is for example the case when a situation in a game becomes dangerous or threatening.

Depending on the situation, the emote can also be used ironically.

The emote shows a modified form of the internet phenomenon Pepe the Frog, which shows a worried face with beads of sweat on his head.

To use and see the MonkaS emote you need to have the browser extension BetterTTV installed.


MonkaS Emote Origin

The MonkaS emote is considered one of the oldest emotes showing a variation of Pepe the Frog. The emote first appeared in 2011 on the website 4chan. In 2016 it was added to the browser extension BetterTTV and was therefore also available on Twitch.

The emote became really popular in 2017 through the streamer "Forsen" and his community. Forsen is known for using various emotes and memes on Twitch and his community supports him by spamming various chats with selected emotes.

Since the MonkaS emote is a variation of the internet phenomenon Pepe the Frog, the origin is to be traced back to Matt Furie.

The MonkaS Emote is especially widespread on many gaming channels and it is one of the most used emotes on Twitch.

How is MonkaS pronounced?

The pronunciation of MonkaS is relatively easy, because the term is pronounced the same way it is written, namely: "mon-kas".


The MonkaS Emote should always be used when things get dangerous during a game and you are worried or scared. Depending on the situation you can also use the emote ironically. To use and view the emote you must have the browser extension BetterTTV installed.


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