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EZ Meaning

EZ Meaning

The term EZ refers to the word “easy".



Posted at December 3, 2020

What does EZ mean?

The acronym EZ is used like the word "easy". It is a very popular term in online games.

Even though its meaning as "easy" has not much mystery, the truth is that it is sometimes used in a negative way, in order to insult the opponent after a game and make them see that you have won easily.

How to use EZ?

EZ is mostly used online or when playing video games. It can be used to express something that we have found easy to do: killing an enemy, a final boss of a game or winning the match against the opponent.

If we refer to online gaming, it is used at the end of the game and has a detogatory meaning. The EZ term is seen as an insult to the rival team, since you want to express that you haven’t had any competition or resistance to win.

Nowadays, it is also normal to hear it in real life in conversations where we want to express that something we have done has been very easy for us to do.

Synonyms of EZ

Some synonyms for EZ:

  • Uncomplicated
  • Undemanding
  • Unchallenging
  • Effortless
  • Facile
  • Simple


The term EZ means "easy" and is used derogatorily when something is / was way too easy. But it can also be used amicably when you were teasing your buddies, e.g. "Well, that was ez :)". EZ is especially widespread in the gaming scene, but it is now also an integral part of everyday life - especially of the younger generation.



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