NotLikeThis Meaning

NotLikeThis Meaning

NotLikeThis Meaning
The emote NotLikeThis features a Twitch employee putting his hands on his head. It is used to show that something you can't believe is happening.
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NotLikeThis Twitch Emote Meaning

NotLikeThis shows Ben Swartz, a Twitch employee, with his hands on his head. Viewers use the NotLikeThis emote when something is happening or the streamer is telling them something they can't believe.

Above all, the NotLikeThis emote is used when a story becomes tragic or does not go as expected. For example, if the streamer dies, in an absurd way, when the final boss is about to die, or when he loses the game because of a silly mistake.

This is one of the most famous and used emotes on the streaming platform. Actually, it is in the list of default Twitch emotes.


NotLikeThis Emote Origin

As we have already told you, the origin of NotLikeThis emote exists thanks to Ben Swartz, also known as Bensw, an employee of Twitch.

The photo was taken while Bensw was watching HugS86, a professional player, losing a championship in the worst possible way during an EVO event back in 2015. The sad, disappointed stance, holding his hair and head, had been adopted by Ben since he was a child.

If you are a movie fan, you probably know the phrase "Not like this" in the Hollywood hit, Matrix. Below you can see the scene to which it refers:

How is NotLikeThis Pronounced?

“Not-Like-This” is how the emote and term, NotLikeThis, is pronounced.


Thanks to a Twitch employee and his habit of grabbing his own head and hair when faced with an unbelievable situation, the platform added a new emote to its collection. NotLikeThis is the perfect emote to show our disbelief in an event or story with an unexpected ending.


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