Christmas gifts for gamers, streamers & nerds!

Christmas gifts for gamers, streamers & nerds!

Christmas gifts for gamers, streamers & nerds!
Even if it seems relatively easy at first sight to find gifts for nerds, it can quickly become a big challenge due to the huge selection of products. In this article we present the coolest gaming and nerd gifts that will make every gamer's eyes light up!
Posted at 11.12.2020 00:00:00 UTC • 9 minutes to read

It is well known: Finding the right Christmas gift can be a tedious business. Especially for people who "have everything". The complete opposite is the case with gamers and nerds, because for them there is usually always something to be happy about. But what is good and useful and what should rather be classified in the category "nonsense"? We have picked out the 20 best Christmas gifts for gamers for you and briefly explained them. There is certainly something for every budget!

The 20 best Christmas gifts for gamers, streamers & nerds!

Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite


The gaming console for your home and on the road. Nintendo's bestseller, the Nintendo Switch, offers a huge selection of different games and the "normal" model is very versatile. In the docking station, which is connected to the TV, the Switch is a pure home console, but with just a few steps it turns into a handheld and you can continue playing your favorite games on the go or comfortably on the sofa. The Switch Lite is basically the same device, but comes without TV connection and is designed for portable gaming. Whether the fun Super Mario Odyssey, multiplayer action in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or a unique and unforgettable journey through Hyrule with Link in Zelda: Breath of the Wild - with the Nintendo Switch you are guaranteed to hit the mark with every gamer.

PlayStation VR


Virtual reality has entered the mainstream and now everyone can get an idea of the technology of the future. With the PlayStation VR, Sony recognized the trend and made it accessible to the masses. All the gamer needs is a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro or a PlayStation 5, while the PS5 requires an additional adapter, which is available here for free. The "MegaPack", which already contains full versions of top-class games such as Resident Evil 7 or Skyrim, is a suitable introduction to virtual reality. The required PlayStation camera is also supplied directly. So all you have to do is connect and dive into foreign worlds.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo.jpg

Amazon's Echo with the integrated speech assistant Alexa proves to be a true all-rounder in everyday life. You have the possibility to stream music, play messages, set timers or control your smart home by voice control. The Echo only needs to be connected to the WLAN and an Amazon account and Alexa is ready to go. Amazon Echo is available in different versions - for a full and rich sound while listening to music we recommend the Amazon Echo 4. To extend the Alexa family, an Echo Dot is also suitable, which is much more compact and has a less voluminous sound than its big brother, but offers the same functions.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle.jpg

That many nerds are confessing bookworms is no longer a secret. Especially fantasy books in the style of "Game of Thrones" or "The Lord of the Rings" are especially popular with gamers and nerds. In order to relieve the bookshelf a little and revolutionize the reading experience, Amazon offers the Kindle, the ideal device. Thousands of books can be loaded onto the internal memory and, thanks to the integrated backlight, can even be enjoyed in the dark. With the E-Ink technology the Kindle reaches a battery life of several weeks even with dyed-in-the-wool bookworms and is thus particularly suitable for vacations.

Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars.jpg

Lego has not been a toy for children for a long time. The company from Denmark has recognized that adults also like to assemble things and display them as decoration. Assembling them provides employment and especially the large sets require a high degree of concentration and patience. Often these are assembled only after several days, you remember a wonderful time back and at the same time you have a unique and beautiful decoration article. Especially popular with nerds and gamers are the "Lego Star Wars" sets. Whether the Millennium Falcon, a Star Destroyer or Boba Fett as a bust - every set is a fine gift under the Christmas tree.

Philips HUE Lightstrip

Philips HUE Lightstri.jpg

A gaming room without the right lighting is often just a room with a computer. To create the perfect gaming experience, Philips HUE lamps are the perfect choice. These can be connected to WLAN or Bluetooth and controlled via a smartphone app. The Hue Lightstrips, which can be placed behind the TV or desk and can even be synchronized with the TV picture, provide a stylish look. This creates unique lighting moods that make every nerd's heart beat faster. Also interesting is the connection between Philips HUE and an Amazon Echo device, which we already introduced to you above. This way, light settings can be made easily by voice command - very practical!

Logitech G-Pro X Gaming Headset

Logitech G-Pro X Gaming Headset.jpg

Gaming headsets belong in the inventory of every gambler. While the market is teeming with mid-range models and it's hard to find a device that's both affordable and high quality, Logitech's G-Pro X Gaming Headset is the ideal value. Blue certified microphone sound, DTS surround sound, comfortable and durable ear pads, and superior craftsmanship. In addition, you can use this headset on the PC as well as on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or the Xbox Series X or Xbox One.

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4.jpg

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a very special Christmas present and a real insider tip. Extremely exciting things can be realized with this Mini PC. For example, you can turn the Raspberry Pi 4 into a RetroPie, which then becomes the ultimate retro gaming station with various emulators and ROMs. Integrated WLAN, Bluetooth, the USB and HDMI ports make this little miracle of technology a versatile PC that can also be used as a media station on the TV in the living room, for example. A Raspberry Pi 4 in a bundle with housing, cable and memory card is the ultimate Christmas present for every technology enthusiast.

Funko POP! figures

Funko POP! Figuren.jpg

The collectable figures with the big heads are extremely popular with nerds who want to show off their inclination for pop culture. From Harry Potter to Star Wars or Marvel - there are figurines for almost every franchise, no matter if it is a movie, gaming, music or series. Is the guy a big Star Wars fan? How about a character from "The Child" or Baby Yoda from the Star Wars series "The Mandalorian"? With a bit of luck you might even give away a potential investment, because many of the popular figures are already sold out and worth several hundred Euros.

The Marvel Book

Marvel Buch.jpg

An absolute must-have for comic fans! This 250-page compendium illuminates the Marvel universe and once again presents the superheroes and villains of 80 years of Marvel. Here you get information and facts that even the biggest superhero fan doesn't know yet. An affordable and imaginative gift and a wonderful book to browse and sink into - especially for the cozy holidays. Cool side effect: As a classic "Coffee Table Book", this gift also makes a great decoration.

The Star Wars Archive

Star Wars Archives.jpg

The TASCHEN publishing house is known for books of unparalleled quality. If you want to give your loved ones the ultimate Star Wars gift, take a closer look at "The Star Wars Archive" in XXL format. The gigantic and correspondingly heavy book contains an incredible 600 pages, whose print quality is hard to beat. In terms of content, this colossus of a book is about the "original trilogy" of Star Wars, which was broadcast in the cinemas from 1977-1983. The presentation, the quality and the valency will surely make for open mouths when giving it away. A personal insider tip of the author, who is the owner of this masterpiece.

Blue Yeti X USB microphone for gaming, streaming and podcast

Blue Yeti X.jpg

The right microphone ensures professional-sounding recording quality when streaming or gaming. The Blue Yeti X combines studio-quality voice recording with an attractive design. Usable according to the plug & play principle, this all-rounder requires neither a special sound card nor an audio interface. The microphone draws the required power from the USB port of the PC, laptop or console and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. With a headphone output and 4 capacitors, the Blue Yeti X is a great gift for budding streamers or those who just want quality when gambling.

1080p webcam with built-in ring light for streamers

WebCam mit Licht.jpg

Difficult lighting conditions and low-resolution webcams can make it difficult to recognize the person in front of the camera during streaming. A Full-HD webcam with built-in ring light can help here. The built-in light can be continuously regulated and adjusted to the lighting conditions, while the high-quality camera captures a razor-sharp image. The practical camera is simply connected via USB. Of course, this webcam is not only interesting for streamers, because in 2020, working from home has become more and more relevant, which has ensured that meetings are held almost exclusively online. A useful and practical gift for anyone who streams or works online.

JBL Batch 4

JBL Charge 4.jpg

The JBL Charge 4 is a powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker with a minimalist design. This speaker offers powerful basses, clear trebles and a tuned sound that is simply fun to listen to. With its 30-Watt power and a battery life of up to 20 hours, it is the ideal companion for on the road, at home, in the garden or at a party. The JBL Charge 4 is equipped for every situation thanks to its IPX7-certified, waterproof housing. For anyone who wants to enjoy their music in absolute top quality, this speaker is a wonderful gift for Christmas.

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE.jpg

No Smartwatch is as popular as the Apple Watch and to make the experience of this versatile watch available to even more people, the Cupertino-based company this year introduced the somewhat slimmed-down version of the popular Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE offers all the basic functions of a classic Apple Watch and is significantly more attractive in price. The watch can be combined with many different bracelets and is available in the three basic colors silver, space grey & gold and in two different sizes, 44 mm and 40 mm.

Elgato Stream Deck


For streamers it can be a horror to switch between different settings, overlays and panels. For example, it is not uncommon for a "pause" screen to appear with several mouse clicks in the operating system. The Elgato Stream Deck is suitable for a much more convenient and professional control of the stream. Depending on the version, up to 32 buttons can be assigned streaming functions or other things completely individually and freely. Seamless integration into the streaming tools OBS Studio or Elgato Game Capture makes setting up and assigning the keys a breeze. For all streamers or those who want to become one, the Elgato Stream Deck is a useful addition to the setup.

Xbox One Controller (PC)

Xbox One Controller PC.jpg

PC gaming used to be almost exclusively mouse & keyboard based some time ago, but PC and console have been getting closer and closer together and many great games are now appearing for both PC and console. To play these games with the perfect controller, the Xbox One Controller for the PC. This can be connected either via Bluetooth or with a wireless adapter. The Xbox One Controller is a high-quality and handy gamepad with a very long battery life. For all who play video games on the PC, there is hardly any way around the Xbox One Controller.

PSN / Xbox Live / Steam balance

Guthaben Karte.jpg

If you want to please your loved ones with a new game, but don't know which ones they already own or what kind of games they like, you can always score points with a credit card for the right system. So the one has the possibility to choose a game of his choice in the store, which in the end is still a gift from you. The perfect "nice to have" gift for all gamers. And the best: The credit cards do not have to be redeemed immediately and are valid for 12 months after purchase.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro.png

Everyone knows them and you see them more and more often: Apple AirPods. Apple has revolutionized the market of True Wireless Earbuds and expanded the product with a "Pro" model in 2019. The AirPods Pro offers a tighter, better fit in the ear, a much more balanced sound and the Active Noise Cancelling function. The Active Noise Cancelling function uses small microphones on the earplug to detect and filter out unwanted sounds from outside the ear so that the wearer can hardly hear them. The AirPods Pro are very good wireless earbuds with a bombastic sound and sophisticated ANC. A gift that you can't help but be happy about.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

GoT Monopoly.jpeg

Fancy a game of Monopoly with the whole family again? Then give away the Monopoly in the Game of Thrones Edition. As one of the great houses of Westeros, you'll try to grab everything you can get your hands on to be the ruler of the seven kingdoms! The entire game board, the cards, the characters and even the money is inspired by the successful HBO series. With this entertaining classic in the new Game of Thrones guise, Christmas Eve is saved.

Christmas presents for gamers, streamers & nerds - Conclusion

As you can see: Whoever wants finde a gift for a nerd is spoilt for choice. From small gadgets to consoles, no matter how big the wallet and no matter in which context, there is always something for gamers, streamers & nerds, simply because these people are interested in many different things. With a little imagination and research, it should be easy to give a real gamer the one or other pleasure despite the overwhelming selection. We hope we could inspire you with our exquisite selection of products and help you find the right gift for your favorite nerd. Have fun choosing the right gifts and Merry Christmas!


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