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How to get more viewers on Twitch

How to get more viewers on Twitch

If you want to know how to get more viewers on the popular streaming platform Twitch - then you've come to the right place! In this tutorial, we'll tell you about the possibilities and strategies to get more viewers and build up a long-term comminity - have fun!


Posted at March 3, 2021

1 How to get more viewers on Twitch- The most important things in a nutshell!

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In this short guide, we will explain to you what is important if you want to get more viewers on Twitch. First of all, it depends on what kind of content you create and how strong the competition is in this area. Furthermore, it's important to present yourself to your viewers as your own brand and make yourself unique with your streams to make your channel stand out from the crowd.

Social media is a powerful tool to push your channel in the best possible way. With the optimal presence on Instagram, Facebook & Co. you can entertain your viewers even when you're not streaming - so you manage to stay in the memory of your followers and continue to build your brand.

We'll also highlight the importance of staying as authentic as possible during your stream and not fooling your viewers into thinking you're something you're not. Of course, you should communicate with your viewers during the live broadcast and involve them in the stream as much as possible - we'll explain how to do that in this article.

With the right analysis of your channel, you can optimize it accordingly and make it more attractive for viewers. We'll take a detailed look at all this and more together in the following points - enjoy!

2 Define target group & analyze competition


To become a successful streamer, it makes sense to define your target audience and find out who your content is targeting and who it is not. Are you a speedrunner and actively imparting knowledge to your viewers on how to finish a game the fastest way possible, or do you just play Fortnite with some friends on Discord and want to entertain people on Twitch with your style? Try to crystallize what you want to do, what your content looks like, and who your viewers are.

You should do this step not only at the beginning of your career, but regularly. Always try to stay up to date and know your audience, because that's the only way you'll manage to produce the ideal and tailored content for them.

Once you have analyzed your place in the big Twitch world and know who your viewers are, you can set about analyzing your direct competition. No streamer appeals to all Twitch users, so over time you'll find out which channels are similar to yours or who does similar streams to yours. Look at these channels and try to stand out from them without straying from your path and pretending.

For example, you can see if your streaming setup is ideal or if there is room for improvement in the look of your stream, for example, with the help of nice overlays. However, try to avoid copying the style of other streamers. Just because a competitor has more viewers doesn't mean you have to be like them. Sensitive analysis and filtering is needed here, so that you don't end up looking like a cheap knock-off.

3 Create a brand


On Twitch, the most successful streamers are those who stand out from the crowd for one or more reasons. Whether that's because of a certain way of talking, physical appearance, the type of games they play, or because of outstanding expertise in a particular subject matter, the greatest streamers have their very own trademarks and skillfully use them to build a large viewership.

Find out what your trademarks are and define them! Trademarks can be mundane things like wearing a neon yellow hoodie in every stream, having a special way of talking, or being particularly skilled at a certain game. Maybe you're known for being particularly calm and level-headed during the stream, which is balm for your viewers?

Or are you the one who doesn't mince words in the streams and has an opinion on everything and everyone? Use clear analysis to turn mere characteristics into trademarks and turn you and your channel into a brand that your viewers immediately associate with you. This process can be a long one, because a brand is not built overnight.

Start slowly, always think strategically, and always reflect on your competencies and characteristics. Think about what you want your logo and channel design to look like, and create an online presence that inevitably suggests you and your channel. This is extremely important, especially for social media marketing.

4 Increase your exposure through social media


It's often the case that viewers who stumble across your stream want to learn more about you, and the Twitch bio alone isn't always enough to do that. That's why it's important to build social media channels around your Twitch channel. With targeted posts, hashtags, and constant updates, you'll be able to entertain and inform your viewers away from your livestreams. Make sure that the names of your social media accounts have the same or a similar name as your Twitch account. This way, users can find you much faster and don't have to do a lot of research to find you on Instagram, for example. Permanently but subtly displaying your social media channels in your Twitch overlay is also a way to draw attention to them.

5 Convince through authenticity


Be yourself. This is a very important credo when it comes to trying to become successful on Twitch. Try to talk to your chat the way you talk to good friends and acquaintances - just in your own way. If you're more of a quiet guy and think you can only make a career on Twitch as a rambunctious person, you're completely wrong, because many of the biggest streamers are like you!

In your streams, say what you think (provided it doesn't violate Twitch guidelines) and be the person you are in real life. Playing a role and pretending to yourself and your viewers can work for a while, but this is certainly not a permanent state.

Authenticity is key in the creator world, and building a brand only works if you are who you want to market and stand up for it. Don't take your cue from other streamers and creators. One of them has an appropriate saying for every stupid comment in the chat, the other one is so engrossed in the game that he doesn't even see the chat - there are supposed to be even great streamers who are successful without any facecam at all and only convince with their content.

The people who find you entertaining and enjoy watching you will stay. Those for whom you are not enough THIS or not enough THAT will leave. Don't pretend for anyone - that's the only way you can have lasting success on Twitch with a clear conscience and be happy with it.

6 Involve your viewers in the stream!


Interaction with their favorite streamer - that's what many viewers want. Whether it's mentioning them by name in a chat comment, greeting their viewers, or votes - if you interact with your community as a streamer, you build a very special bond with them and viewers see that you're not just about gambling or having as many viewers as possible. In gaming, for example, there are often moments when the streamer gets stuck on a particularly tricky part of the game and doesn't know what to do next.

It's pretty certain that at least one person in the chat will have the right solution ready. So here it would be appropriate to thank that person for their help. Alternatively, if you want to get to the solution without help, you can let your chat know that you think it's nice, but want to see if you can do it on your own first.

Further, it is advisable to keep reminding your viewers that they can follow you or check out your social media channels. However, don't do this too pushily and make sure it doesn't degenerate into "begging for followers". With clear announcements addressed to the chat, you can also make announcements about various things like upcoming projects, stream times or that people are still wanted for the next multiplayer match.

Twitch also offers some interesting tools that can improve viewer engagement. For example, you can indirectly ask viewers to get active with votes and tickle a little initiative out of them. With the so-called channel points, you can reward your community for their loyalty and during the MegaCheers events, users can give away exclusive emotes to others.

7 Analyze your channel!


Analyzing the numbers can be very interesting and revealing, because they can give an indication of how the channel is developing and if it needs some improvements or changes to get more viewers on Twitch. On Twitch, you can take a close look at your channel after each stream, look for mistakes and avoid them next time. The dashboard gives you a detailed overview of what happened during the last streams. Here you can see audience peaks, the number of new followers or the average number of viewers. Based on this data, you can compare your stream performance, identify a trend and take appropriate steps to optimize your stream.

8 How to get more viewers on Twitch- Conclusion

Being a Twitch streamer with many viewers, although many don't want to believe it, is hard and real work. Building a consistent and loyal community, streaming regularly, analyzing your numbers and creating a brand around yourself doesn't happen in a week. If you plan to make it big on Twitch, you should have a fair amount of patience and do it not to get rich and famous, but out of passion for the cause. If you do it well, you will quickly achieve small successes and regularly celebrate 2-digit viewer numbers. No Twitch master has ever fallen from the sky and we firmly believe that anyone who really wants to can be a Twitch streamer. We hope you enjoyed this guide and learned a few things. We wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope to see you on the first page on Twitch soon!


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