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OWN3D Pro modular package setup guide
OWN3D Blog YouTube How to make money on YouTube - Ultimate Guide!
OWN3D Pro modular package setup guide

How to make money on YouTube - Ultimate Guide!

You've always wondered how to earn money with YouTube and especially what you have to do for it? We explain in our guide how much you can earn with YouTube and what you should pay attention to.



Posted at February 10, 2022 · 5 minutes to read

1 Produce video, upload, cash in - is it really that easy?

YouTube Thumbnail

Learn how to make money with YouTube:

To the OWN3D.academy

The world's largest video platform is extremely interesting for consumers and creators alike, because just about everyone can find exactly what they're looking for. Whether it's the really big topics or small niche topics - if you're on the go here, you'll never get bored. But what many people don't know is that most people, even those who regularly produce content, make little to no money from it. This is because it is often the case that either the topic of the channel is not relevant or special for most viewers, or that people want to emulate the big YouTubers and simply get lost in the crowd.

So, for once, cautiously adjust to the fact that when you start with YouTube, you won't earn a penny for quite some time. Of course, we don't want to demotivate you - after all, there are a lot of creators on YouTube who earn their living by creating video content. But even these people started small once! They have probably built up a loyal community over a number of years, which regularly consumes the videos - this may in turn lead to the fact that with regular output, the click and subscription numbers grow and more and more money is earned. Logically, the project of "earning money with YouTube" is relatively difficult without your own videos.

2 How much do you earn with YouTube?

In the best case, of course, a lot. In the worst case, nothing. There is a lot of space in between. So you guessed it: how much you earn with YouTube depends entirely on. "But on what?" you're probably asking yourself now. On the number of subscribers you have, on the number of clicks on your videos, on the ads you use. In the end, almost everything depends on how many loyal viewers you have. So how much do you earn from YouTube? While creators who upload a video once a week that has over 1 million views can earn well into 6 figures at the end of the month, others with 2,000 subscribers and videos with 10,000 clicks can earn around €100.

3 Growth is the be-all and end-all

With pretty much certainty, you won't upload your first video and users will rush to your work by the thousands - quite the opposite: in the starting position, you have neither subscribers nor people sharing or spreading your videos. Only with natural growth, good quality videos and constant uploading of videos will you slowly but surely gain a foothold in the gigantic world of YouTube.

One person shares your video in a Whatsapp group, 4 people watch it, one subscribes to your channel - and so on. It can take a long time to get from this point to the point where you earn your first euro with YouTube. Many YouTubers who are extremely successful today were content with just a few clicks for years and considered producing videos more of a hobby. So steady and natural growth is very important, especially for new YouTubers.

4 How to make money on YouTube - The Requirements

So you're willing to take a potentially tough road and try your hand at being a creator on YouTube - with the vision of making money one day always in the back of your mind? Good - according to our introduction, that speaks for you, because you challenge yourself and are open to new ways. But what else do you need to consider if you want to become a real creator? What are the requirements for earning money with YouTube? Basically, you first have to participate in the so-called YouTube partner program. This is a status that your channel receives as soon as you have fulfilled certain requirements for participation in this program. Once you are a YouTube partner, there is virtually nothing to stop you from earning money with YouTube. So that you don't lose the overview, we would like to briefly present the basic requirements for participating in the YouTube partner program.

  • Your videos do not violate the guidelines of YouTube & Google
  • You live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • Your channel has not yet been warned or time-blocked
  • The videos on your channel have been viewed for at least 4000 hours in the last 12 months.
  • You have at least 1000 subscribers.

Once you meet these requirements, you can apply for the partnership, whereupon your channel will be manually reviewed, which in the best case will lead to an activation for the YouTube Partner Program.

5 Earn money with YouTube - The methods

Once you are an official YouTube partner, you can officially earn money with your content. Now the money doesn't come all by itself, but there are different methods to monetize your channel.

You can make money on YouTube both by uploading videos and by just livestreaming. Most of the time, these two approaches blur together, however, some methods of monetization are distinct depending on whether you're streaming or just uploading videos.

You specifically said 5 ways to make money on YouTube from now on. What they are and how they are assigned, we would like to explain to you in our small overview.

5.1 Earn money on YouTube with livestreaming

Super Chat and Super Sticker

Super Chat offers immediate added value for you and your viewers. The latter have the possibility to pay money for their messages to be highlighted in the chat. This money is then credited to your account. So the more a user is willing to pay, the more money you earn.

Donation button

During the livestream, viewers have the opportunity to support you with a small donation. With a so-called Donation-Button, which is connected to a PayPal link, the users get directly to the donation page, where they can enter a desired amount. You can also set a donation goal within one or more streams - for example, you can raise money to buy a new microphone or camera. In this case, both the audience and you will get something out of the donation.

How to set up a YouTube Donation Button:

Learn more!

5.2 Earn money by uploading videos to YouTube

Advertising revenue

As soon as you place an advertisement in your video, you automatically get a share of it. The more often your video is viewed, the more you earn from it. Logical, isn't it? You can decide how often you want to run ads. Of course, many small ad units can potentially bring in more money than a single ad unit. However, you should be careful not to overdo it with the advertising. Users quickly get annoyed with ads, so overdoing it can actually have a negative impact on your overall channel performance when the first viewers pull away.

Channel membership

Channel membership is also a popular way to make money with YouTube. Users have the option to not only subscribe to your channel, but also become a member. This way, they support you with a fixed monthly fee, which even gives them some benefits like exclusive content. The beauty of channel membership is that you always have a rough overview of how much you will earn from YouTube in the next month based on your membership numbers.

Merchandise section

Once you have 10,000 subscribers on your channel, you can integrate a merchandise area that allows users to purchase fan merchandise from you. The store, once activated, will be displayed under each of your videos and will be equally visible to members, subscribers or users who are not yet subscribed to your channel.



E-Commerce & Content

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