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    OWN3D setup guides for you

    Thank you for trusting OWN3D to enhance your streaming experience. To assist you with your setup, we provide detailed instructions for each element from our packages in written and video form.

    This page is constantly developing, so if you can’t find what you are looking for now, try to come back later and see if we’ve released new guides.

    In these tutorials, we want to focus on two parts - a quick introduction to the element and how they are commonly used, followed by a second video explaining how to set up such element in the best way possible. We split these two parts into separate videos so that you can precisely gather the information you're looking for.

    How to add animated elements into OBS

    Now that you know what stream overlays are, it’s time to teach you how to add your first media source into OBS Studio, this guide will show you exactly how to!


    Create a scene

    To create a scene, you start by clicking on the "+" at "Scenes" to create and name the new scene.


    Add a media source

    Clicking "+" in the "Sources" dock will bring up a drop-down menu that allows you to include various elements in your stream scene.


    Locate the file

    Click on the "Browse" button on the right side of "Local File." A Windows Explorer window will pop up. Navigate to the unzipped folder of your complete package and select the desired .webm file.


    Activate “Loop”

    Now set the checkmark to "Endless loop" so that the file remains continuously animated, and click on "OK."



    And now you’ve successfully added a media source to your OBS.

    More Videos covering topics such as labels for Streamelements, Streamlabs and OWN3D Pro coming soon!