Animated Twitch Scene Stinger Transitions

You want to make your Twitch Stream look more professional with Animated Scene Transitions for OBS, SLOBS or other streaming tools? You can easily add our animated scene changes to your streaming software and give your stream a completely new look and feel! Of course, we also have suitable transitions for many of our Twitch Overlay packages.

What are Stinger Transitions?

Stinger Transitions or also called Stream Transitions are animated transitions that you can or should use for a scene change. For example, a scene change occurs whenever you move from one screen to another, such as from your main stream to a pause screen or from your intro to your main stream. In short, stinger transitions provide a seamless transition between your scene changes, making your stream much more presentable and professional.

Why you should use stream transitions

As you’ve already experienced above, Stinger Transitions provide a seamless transition between your scenes. This seamless transition makes your stream look more professional and attractive to your audience. 

Stream Transitions create a positive user experience and increase the number of viewers who subscribe to your channel. Of course, this also depends on your stream content and the way you interact with your viewers. If your viewers like you, you deliver a high entertainment value and your complete stream design including stinger transitions looks professional, then nothing stands in the way of a successful career on Twitch or other streaming platforms.

This is how you can add Stinger Transitions to your stream!

The procedure to insert a stinger transition into your stream depends a little bit on the streaming software you use, because the tools are all built a little bit different. Usually you will find a button or a menu item called “Stinger Transitions”, “Transitions” or “Scene Transitions” in every software. There you usually have the possibility to add your own stream transitions and integrate them into your stream. If you are using OBS Studio as your streaming software, here is a step-by-step guide on how to add Stinger Transitions to your stream.

Adding Stinger Transitions in OBS Studio

  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. Click on the + sign at the bottom right of the “Scene transitions” heading and select Stinger.
  3. A window will open where you can upload your transition and make further settings.
  4. So first click on the button “Browse” and upload your transition.
  5. When you have done this, select “Time” for the transition type.
  6. For the transition point enter the middle of the transition duration in milliseconds. That means, if your transition lasts 5 seconds, enter 2500.
  7. Make sure that the audio monitoring is set to “monitor off”.
  8. Last but not least, in the Audio Transition Style select the “Hide to transition point and then fade in” option and then click OK.
  9. Now your stinger transition is set up and will be played whenever you make a scene change.

Stinger Transitions from OWN3D

If you are looking for a suitable Stream Transition, then you have come to the right place. In our online store you will find a large selection of animated transitions for your stream. Our designers pay attention to every little detail when creating Stinger Transitions and make sure that they not only look good, but also go down well with your viewers. In addition to stream transitions you can also find all other design elements you need as a streamer in our online store. This includes overlays, panels, alerts, banners and much more. You can also find complete design packages for streamers in our online store. These packages contain everything you need to make your stream look professional. The big advantage of our complete packages is that the individual design elements are perfectly coordinated. This makes your stream appear harmonious and professional!

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