Talking Screens / Overlays / Banners

Live streaming on Twitch is not just about games. It’s also about you as a personality and about your community. That’s why our Chat Overlays / Talking Screens offer the right design for your IRL and Just Chatting Streams. Put your face cam / cam in the foreground and place the chat as an overlay next to it. Your viewers will thank you!

What is a Chat Overlay or Talking Screen?

As a streamer, you will always have phases in games or between games in which the focus is not on the game but on the communication with your community. For example, if your game is loading, the servers are down or you are taking a break, you interact more with your community. Exactly then you and your chat are the most important elements of the stream. That’s why we have created talking screens for all our packages that match your complete stream design. You can buy and download them individually or in a package. 

Of course, we also have the Chat Overlays in matching styles and designs for the most popular games on Twitch. For some time now we have also been offering Animated Talking Banners – and they get more every day.

How can I add a Chat Overlay to OBS?

To add the Animated Chat Overlay to your stream, simply create a new scene in OBS Studio. There you insert the animation or graphic and then add the chat as browser source and your face cam as video source. After adjusting everything, you will have a top design for your discussion rounds. Ideally, you should also use animated scene transitions, because this combination will make your stream look more professional and will knock your viewers off their socks.

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