Twitch Channel Points & Rewards

Customization is the key to a professional twitch channel. That’ why the new Twitch Channel Points with their icons and rewards are indispensable. We’ll tell you what your viewers can do with them and how you can use them ideally as a streamer. More than 190 premium Twitch Channel Point Icons and many new viewers are waiting for you.

How do Twitch Channel Points work?

In December 2019, the Twitch Channel Points had their big launch. While you could spoil your viewers with alerts, emotes or sub badges until now, your viewers now have the opportunity to collect points. They can redeem these points for rewards from their favorite streamer – you. Your viewers collect points for various actions:
  • Viewtime: The longer someone watches your stream, the more points they get (10 minutes = 10 points).
  • Raid: if your viewers take part in one of your raids, they receive 250 points.
  • Follow: Every new follower is not only welcomed by you, but also by 300 points.
  • Extra points: You can also earn extra points for the first cheer of the month or as a particularly hard-working viewer.
  • Last but not least: If someone watches you for a while, they will find a chest next to their points at certain intervals, which contains special bonuses
The Twitch Channel Points are especially useful for new viewers to interact with you. You decide how many points someone needs to redeem for a highlighted message in your chat, for example. You can set higher reward goals for your loyal viewers who have been in your community for a long time. For some examples, see the Twitch Channel Point rewards below.

First, we’ll show you how to use the points for yourself as a streamer and how individualized icons are mandatory.

Twitch Channel Points Chatbox

Twitch Channel Points Chatbox

Using Twitch Channel Point Icons

Points must be earned by the viewers, your task is to drop attractive rewards and most importantly, use personalized Twitch Channel Points icons. We offer more than 190 premium icons to create your own Twitch Channel Point Rewards. Just select the ones you want to use from above and add them to the Creator Dashboard when creating a reward. You can also customize Twitch’s pre-determined rewards and all the colors of each reward. Your viewers will then find them in a small menu to the left of the chat input field.

Premium Tip: You can also customize the name of the points and the symbol in the chat. So you don’t have to call them channel points, but you can name them as you like. Want some inspiration?

  • Nuggets (MeLoOniE)
  • GOiNS (Gronkh)
  • Ehre (HandOfBlood)
  • TryCoins (Trymacs)

Twitch Channel Point Rewards

Since every streamer has different playing styles and no two communities are alike, it was a good idea for Twitch to create their own rewards as streamers. So you can create the Twitch Channel Point Rewards exactly the way you want. You can also determine how many points are required for each reward. For example, a follower has to collect 2,500 Twitch Channel Points in order to choose a badge for 24 hours, which is normally only given to subscribers. Other popular rewards include: requesting a music track, choosing the next hero in Overwatch for the streamer to play or a special VIP status for 250,000 points. The sky’s the limit for your imagination. No matter what you decide, you will find the right Twitch Channel Point Icon in our shop. Have a look right now and be inspired.


All in all, our conclusion on the Twitch Channel Points is positive. As you might have known as a professional streamer, some things can be customized individually, so that we can stand by your side as your partner. In any case, use all the possibilities to offer your community the most you can. This way, you can take your entertainment to a higher level and increase your chances of attracting new viewers. The Twitch points system is more than successful!
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