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Every Twitch Streamer needs a professional Twitch banner for his channel, because the banner is responsible for the first impression of your channel visitors. If the first impression is positive and professional, the chances are good that channel visitors will take a closer look at your channel and leave a subscription. An unprofessional appearance without a Twitch banner can lead to visitors leaving your channel immediately. To prevent this from happening, we offer you a customizable Twitch profile banner in the right format. For all streamers who are looking for a complete channel design, we also offer packages in which you will find a Twitch profile banner as well as all other graphics such as panels, transitions, alerts, overlays, etc. which you need for your channel. Some of our packages are also designed for specific games like Fortnite, LoL, Among Us, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Auto-Chess, PUBG, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six etc. to make your channel design match your main game perfectly.

What is a Twitch profile banner?

On each Twitch Channel there is the possibility to add an image above the video player, which is displayed by clicking on the channel name. Your profile banner should provide your viewers with important information about your channel at first glance. It is up to you which picture, color or font you choose. However, it is important to have the banner in the right size so that it is displayed correctly.

[wpml-string context="own3d-2020-11" name="seo-shop-banner-4"]A Twitch profile banner on the OWN3D.TV Twitch channel[/wpml-string]
A Twitch profile banner on the OWN3D.TV Twitch channel


A profile banner should provide viewers with important information about your channel, such as streaming schedule, social media channels, etc. It is important that the banner is designed clearly and fits the rest of the channel design. Your viewers should be able to see all important information about your stream at a glance.

Why is a Twitch Banner important?

As already mentioned in the introduction, a Twitch banner makes sure that your channel looks professional and is well received by your visitors. Your Twitch profile banner should therefore be of high quality and in the best case encourage your visitors to take a closer look at your channel.

Professional Twitch Banner from OWN3D

We at OWN3D offer you a variety of Twitch banners in different designs. Our team, which consists almost exclusively of streamers and gamers, knows exactly what a Twitch profile banner should look like to make sure that it is well received by your visitors. In our store you will find a large selection of countless Twitch banners in almost every imaginable design.

Which design should a Twitch banner have?

The design of your banner should ideally match your streamed content. If you mainly stream only one game, you should choose a Twitch profile banner, which is especially designed for this game. If you stream different games, it makes sense to choose a Twitch banner that looks good and suggests that your stream is a gaming stream. Dark banners are very suitable for this, because they are more associated with gaming. On the other hand, if you mainly stream “Just Chatting” content, your banner may be a bit more friendly and fancy. In our store you will surely find a twitch banner that you like and that makes your channel look professional and well received.


The size of a profile banner recommended by Twitch is 1200×480 pixels. The displayed size of the banner however is scaled according to the size of the user’s browser window. Profile banners in smaller resolutions are stretched and can appear pixelated. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a Twitch profile banner with a minimum size of 1200×480 pixels.


Besides the already described profile banner, Twitch also offers the possibility to insert a profile picture. The profile picture is permanently displayed above the video player and should only contain few details, since these are not clearly visible in the small resolution. Unlike profile banners, profile pictures on Twitch are displayed in an aspect ratio of 1:1.


To add a profile banner to your Twitch channel, you have to click on your channel name while logged in. Then your profile banner will open, and you can update it by clicking it and uploading the picture to your channel.

Should the Twitch banner be changed from time to time?

The Twitch banner should not be changed as often as possible, because it more or less represents you and your channel and is stored in your viewers memory. However, changing your Twitch profile banner can make sense and be effective in some situations. For example, if you use a Twitch banner that is specifically designed for a game, your stream content should be primarily related to that game. But if you change the game or only rarely stream, it makes sense to change the Twitch banner as well. Either you get a banner that is specially designed for your new favorite game or you use an all-round Twitch profile banner.


Every professional Twitch Channel needs a proper channel design. A profile banner is an important element here and should definitely be chosen carefully. When selecting a banner, you should make sure that the design matches your own content and provides the most important information for viewers at first glance. A professional Twitch banner can not only have a positive effect on your Twitch channel, but also on other social media channels.

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