Youtube Banner

What is a YouTube banner?

[wpml-string context="own3d-2-0"]A Twitch profile banner on the OWN3D.TV Twitch channel[/wpml-string]
A Twitch profile banner on the OWN3D.TV Twitch channel

Every YouTube channel has a Youtube banner or channel banner, which is displayed on the top of your own YouTube channel. A YouTube banner should give subscribers and new viewers important information about your channel straightaway. You can choose your own image, font and color for your channel banner.

[wpml-string context="own3d-2-0"]A YouTube banner on the OWN3D.TV YouTube channel[/wpml-string]
A YouTube banner on the OWN3D.TV YouTube channel

Why do I need a YouTube banner?

The purpose of a YouTube banner is to grab the attention of your subscribers or new viewers when they come to your YouTube channel. In addition, a good channel banner provides important information about the channel such as name, channel genre, social media channels, etc. at a glance. A YouTube banner should always match the overall design of your YouTube channel.

What is the optimal size of a YouTube banner?

The optimal size of a YouTube banner is 2560×1440 pixels. If the channel banner is smaller, it might be displayed distorted. However, if it is too large, parts of the banner may be cut off. In order to ensure that your channel design is displayed correctly on PC as well as on mobile devices, it is therefore very important to maintain the optimal size of 2560×1440 pixels.

What is the difference between a YouTube banner and a thumbnail?

A YouTube banner and a thumbnail for a video are two completely different things, yet they are often confused. A channel banner is, as mentioned above, the graphic displayed at the top of your YouTube channel. It only has to be made once and usually stays the same. A thumbnail, on the other hand, describes the preview image for a video that is shown in the video search on YouTube. Thumbnails are usually created individually for each video and added to the selected video.

How do I add a YouTube banner?

After you have found a suitable channel banner for your YouTube channel, you can easily upload it to YouTube under “My Channel”. Just click on “Add channel picture” and upload your YouTube banner. Your new channel banner will then appear directly on your profile.


Every professional YouTube channel needs a proper channel design. A YouTube banner is an important part of it and should be chosen carefully. When selecting a channel banner, you should make sure that it matches your own content and provides the most important information for viewers at first glance. A professional YouTube banner can not only have a positive effect on your own YouTube channel, but also on other social media channels.

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