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HMU Meaning

HMU is short for "Hit me up", “send me a message” or “let me know to meet up”.


Posted at January 22, 2021

What does HMU mean?

Everyone knows the meaning of HMU. This acronym means "text me”, "contact me” or “let’s meet”. A lot of definitions for saying the same thing: I would love to keep talking further.

It also has a variant of its meaning for when you want someone to buy you or get you something of interest: "hook me up".

How to use HMU?

We use HMU when we want to tell someone, with a few letters, that we would like to meet them or to drop us a message.

This is an acronym used to tell the other person that we want to start a conversation with them and to let you know when they have free time.

Its use is not only limited to the internet, but it is only recommended to for informal conversations, and never in the work environment.

For example:Give me a call and we'll meet. ("HMU and let's meet")


It is not known exactly when HMU began to be used or appeared in the internet slang. However, during the 90s, the term was very popular among people who had a pager, because these devices could only receive a limited amount of characters.

The truth is that with the end of beepers and the arrival of the internet, it began to link up and grow along with the popularization of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. In 2019, HMU became very popular in Snapchat.

It's been a few years since people looked for it, or so Google Trends tells us, but this may be because HMU is such a deeply rooted word that everyone already knows what it is.


  • Hit me up
  • Text
  • Hangout
  • Contact me
  • Phone me
  • Meet


The term HMU is very popular among young people and means "Hit me up", “give me a call”, or “send me a message and we'll talk”. It is always used in informal and relaxed settings.


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