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Salty Meaning

Being salty is when you are angry, petty or upset about something not important.


Posted at January 22, 2021

What does salty mean?

The term salty describes someone being upset after another person makes fun of them. It is also used to define a person agitated, irritated or annoyed.

Salty also can describe a person who is out of place or is feeling attacked.

How to use salty?

We use salty to report about someone that is getting mad over something. During streams, sometimes we can see the chat spamming a bottle of salt when the streamer is upset or irritated.

Example:“That streamer is salty because he lost the last match.”

Another example for using this term is found in the song “Salty” from Chief Keef, where he talks about a woman that wanted nothing to do with him until he was famous.

Salty is a slang word used with friends or in casual conversations. Always away from the workplace. It is not used during formal meetings.


Salty is not a new term. It was popular back in 1938 to describe someone being annoyed and angry about something, according to Etymonline Dictionary.

The term comes from the concept of someone crying “salty” tears.

The first time we saw salty on the Urban Dictionary was in 2002, when an user added its meaning as we know it today.


  • Angry
  • Bitter
  • Upset
  • Mad
  • Irritated
  • Annoyed
  • Agitated
  • Hostile
  • Petty


Salty is a term or adjective that we use to describe people who are getting mad or upset over something not that important. Salty was being used for decades and has been part of hip hop culture for years.


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