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stan Meaning

The term stan describes a fan who is also a stalker.


Posted at January 6, 2021

What does stan mean?

The adjective stan comes from combining the word "stalker" with the fan phenomenon. Stalker + Fan = Stan.

This refers to situations in which a follower behaves like a stalker because they are obsessed with a famous character or a streamer.

Over the years, the word stan has ceased to be so negative and is simply used to indicate that you are a big fan of someone. Today it doesn't involve stalking or a sick and dangerous obsession.

How to use stan?

We use stan as an adjective to say that someone is obsessed with a celebrity. It is used on the internet and stream chats to show a streamer or celebrity that you are a big fan.

Today it can be used as a verb and a noun. Example: Mom stops stanning Queen.

Sometimes it is also used with ironic meaning to say the opposite, that you are not a fan at all and you don't like a certain Internet personality.

Example:I am a stan of Ninja, I don't miss any of his streams. Kappa.


The term stan was originated by the song Stan, from the rapper Eminem. In the early 2000's, Eminem published this song that spoke about a fan's obsession, named Stan, who ended up killing his pregnant girlfriend because Eminem didn't respond to his letters.

Later, the term began to be used worldwide to describe those fans who go one step further and do not tolerate anyone saying anything negative about their favorite artists or characters.


  • Fanatic
  • Superfan
  • #1 Fan
  • Obsessed


Stan is an adjective, noun and verb used to say that you are a big fan of someone. Over time the term has lost the meaning of "macabre" and extreme, to stay in being a superfan of something or someone.


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