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lit Meaning

The term lit means that something is good or exciting.


Posted at January 6, 2021

What does lit mean?

Lit describes a thing, person or situation that is very good, exciting, intense, or very fun.

When the word originated a hundred years ago, it meant drunk.

How to use lit?

The word lit is used when we want to describe something that is very good, for example, a party. You can say: This party is lit.

We use lit in a relaxed atmosphere and among friends, never in a professional environment.


The word lit has been used for a hundred years. What happens is that in the past it was used to talk about drunks, and today its meaning is quite different.

As with many other words, it was rap and hip-hop that gave rise to the new meaning of lit. In some songs, rappers said that a party was "lit" when it was a cool party.

In 2004, more or less, the word lit transformed its meaning to the current one used on the internet or among friends.


  • Exciting
  • Excellent
  • Drunk
  • Very good
  • Fun


We use the term lit when we want to indicate that something is very good or very fun. It is used in many songs and is currently one of the most popular words in internet slang.


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