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wack Meaning

Wack is an adjective used to refer to something strange, crazy or that we cannot believe.


Posted at December 21, 2020

What does wack mean?

The term wack is an adjective to describe something crazy, weird or impossible that is happening.

How to use wack?

People use wack at the end of the sentence or as an adjective to describe that a situation is bad, weird, or not very authentic.

It is used colloquially and always outside the professional sphere.


The original word Whack dates back to 1721, from Old English. But the origin of the term we are referring to right now in this article, and without the “h”, is not known. We do know that it began to be heard in hip-hop as a synonym for "bad".


  • Bad
  • Bizarre
  • Weird
  • Crazy
  • Mad
  • Insane
  • Inauthentic
  • Lame


The term wack is used to express that a situation or something is rare, bad, bizarre or even insane. We don’t know when the word wack became popular on the internet, but it is certainly not used in a professional setting.


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