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IRL Meaning

The term IRL stands for "In real life".


Posted at December 17, 2020

What does IRL mean?

We use the word or the expression IRL when we want to talk about something that is happening, happened or is going to happen in real life. Literally, IRL refers to "In Real Life".

This term is used a lot to talk about our day to day life outside our digital or online world.

The term IRL is also a Twitch category. It includes "Just Chatting", "Art", "Talk Shows and Podcasts" and "Food and Beverage" streams, channels that show content creators doing everyday tasks such as cooking, drawing or simply talking to their followers face-to-face.

How to use IRL?

We use the term IRL when we want to refer to something we actually do in our day-to-day life, and not in our online life. It's a way of telling viewers about an action we don't do in the digital world.

It can also be used to tell someone that you would like to meet them in real life or to explain how things are in reality and what your viewers see during your live shows.

In addition, IRL is an informal word that should not be used in formal or business conversations. If you are in a business conversation it is better to use "in reality". The term IRL can be written in both upper and lower case, although most of the time we will see it in capital letters.


  • “I would love to have a drink with you IRL and talk all night long!”
  • “Today I would love to meet my friends IRL”.
  • “I’m going to buy a house IRL”.


When we want to distinguish between an event or activity that we do in real life, we use the acronym IRL. It can be written in both lowercase and uppercase. Also, IRL is a group of Twitch categories where people make live streaming content and not just play video games.


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