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Lmao Meaning

The term LMAO is used to express that we are laughing our asses off.


Posted at December 17, 2020

What does Lmao mean?

We use the term LMAO when we are laughing out loud, dying of laughter. The acronym LMAO comes from the phrase: "Laughing My Ass (Arse) Off", which means that we are laughing our asses off, literally.

When the word "ass" is used, it is considered a vulgar term. That's why many people use its "light" version, ROFT, rolling on the floor. Many people use it to say they are laughing their asses off.

There is an even more vulgar version that adds the term Fucking: LMFAO or LMFO: "Laughing My Fucking Ass Off".

How to use Lmao?

We use the acronym LMAO when we want to show that we are laughing a lot. If a streamer or someone else does or says something funny, the chat will be filled with a lot of "LMAO" texts.

In English, we always use the short version, the acronym LMAO. We will never or hardly ever see the long version "Laughing My Ass (Arse) Off", since it is mostly used in messaging and the internet, where acronyms help us to reduce space.

The use of LMAO is very popular between relaxed conversations and between friends. Always between young people and never in the professional environment.

Lmao Origin

According to Slate.com, one of the first times that we have any record on the internet of the use of LMAO is back in 1990. In an online forum for the game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, a user by the name of Torquin wrote "LMAO!" in response to another user's hilarious comment "Sayaka". Sayaka wrote that Daldin, a third user with a dwarf warrior character, would probably want to eat hijiki, a Japanese seaweed. Torquin wrote LMAO! to indicate that he was laughing his ass off.

In 2012, AYY LMAO also appeared, an image of a well-known alien in Spanish and Portuguese mystery portals such as Tempo Espacio, El Gurú and El Rincón Paranormal. AYY LMAO originated on YouTube.

Synonyms of Lmao

  • LOL
  • ROFL
  • LMDO
  • LMVO
  • LMNO
  • Belly laugh
  • To burst out Laughing
  • To die of laughing
  • To split your sides


The LMAO term is used when we want to show that we are laughing a lot in a vulgar way. Literally, it means that we are laughing a lot in a vulgar way. That we are laughing our asses off. It is one of the synonyms of ROTF and it is also used when something makes us laugh more than just using LOL.


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