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Troll Meaning

The term troll is used to describe a toxic person on the internet.


Posted at December 21, 2020

What does troll mean?

An internet troll is a toxic person who only seeks to create tension in a chat room or in the comments sections of news/blogs/forums.

It is a term used to describe an unknown person who seeks to annoy or provoke a negative response among users and readers, either for fun or simply to annoy.

The term only referred to practice but over time it has derived from the person.

How to use troll?

Troll and its verb, trolling, are linked to the Internet. However, during the last few years, the media have treated this term as an adjective.

When a person is being offensive or just engaging in an online conversation to leave negative comments or insult others, he or she is called a troll.

We say that someone is a troll when they are performing negative actions and to warn others to avoid answering back or stooping to their level.

The best way to stop trolls is to ban them or directly to ignore them. Two do not argue if one doesn't want to.


  • "Don't listen to Sebastian, he's a troll."
  • "Don't answer him, he's just trolling."
  • "You are a very bad troll."

What does trolling someone mean?

Trolling someone means that messages are being sent to tease, annoy, or just piss them off.

You have to differentiate between trolling friends and trolling strangers. When you are trolling friends, you are seeking the inside joke or teasing but always looking for the laugh or group fun. Those who are being a troll with strangers, whether they are streamers or other users, only seek to destroy the conversation and to annoy.

What does it mean to troll on social media?

Social networks are full of trolls. These types of people live only to be destructive and never bring anything new to the discussion. With the arrival of social media, trolls have grown very much and have dedicated themselves to making offensive comments against people.

Often, these trolls use insults to offend artists, actors/actresses or other people on social media.

As we mentioned before, it is not the same to have a friend come trolling one of your photos or comments, as a joke, as having a troll who doesn't know you and just wants to insult you.

Why is it called trolling?

The term troll comes from "taking the bait" (fishing) as this is what these users are looking for, to get people to follow their lead and get into silly arguments.

Troll fishing is a technique where the hook is slowly reels in, which is basically what these beings do.

In addition, it also refers to the mythological creature of the ancient Nordics that was used to define a monster in some Scandinavian stories. The trolls in these books react very negatively when strangers break into their domains without permission.


The term troll is used to describe both a person's toxic Internet behavior and the person themselves. These beings are found in forums, chats, and social networks and only seek to annoy and create tension.


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