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boomer Meaning

Boomer is a way to insult or offend someone older than you.


Posted at January 6, 2021

What does boomer mean?

The term boomer is used to speak derogatorily of a person who is older than you, and who speaks to you with condescension.

On the internet it is used as a mild insult, since it is said that a boomer is someone, older than you, who speaks badly about the younger generation.

It is also an adjective that is said to someone who is not proficient with technology.

How to use boomer?

We use boomer to make fun of older people, over 55, who were baby boomers after the war.

Usually, the word boomer is accompanied by "OK" in the phrase "OK boomer". It can also be translated as "party pooper”.


The word boomer was born between 2018 and 2019.

The word was born after a video where an unidentified older person accused Millennials and Generation Z of suffering from the Peter Pan complex, and thinking that their life will always be like when they were teenagers.


  • Old
  • Party pooper
  • Ancient
  • Middle-aged


The word boomer is used when we want to tell someone older that they are bothering us. It is used against people over 55 who speak ill of the younger generation.


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