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triggered Meaning

The verb triggered is used to indicate that a person "reacts" with hate.


Posted at January 6, 2021

What does triggered mean?

A person is said to be "triggered" when they reply to something they don't like. Usually, "triggered" refers to when someone reacts to a particular behavior with a lot of hate, rage or anger.

Sometimes, it also means that someone has been hurt in their feelings.

How to use triggered?

The term triggered is used especially when someone has lost his mind and his response is out of the ordinary. It is used to describe that someone is reacting with a lot of hate to a comment, experience, meme or question, because it has probably reversed some trauma.


We don’t know the exact moment when the "triggered" participle began to be used as a verb.

The most popular memes about “triggered” are from 2016, when a woman with short hair and glasses, later called "Ficki Fiona" by 4chan, was reacting against a man supporting Donald Trump's election campaign. You can check the exact moment here:

On November 19, 2017, the well-known PewDiePie content creator used the image of women for one of his videos entitled: "IS THAT A MICROAGGRESSION?


  • Provoked
  • Caused
  • Prompt
  • Bring about
  • Start
  • Spark
  • Produce


When a person response to a comment, meme or situation is full of hate or overreaction, because the situation reminds him/her of some traumatic past, the word "triggered" is used. The term has become popular to describe people who are out of control in an argument.


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