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thicc Meaning

The term thicc is used to describe a sexy person with a few extra pounds.


Posted at January 6, 2021

What does thicc mean?

When a person, normally a woman, is big, curvy and very attractive, or is said to have "a big ass", we use the adjective thicc.

Often, the term describes a person with a large butt and, in the case of women, with good thighs and breasts.

How to use thicc?

We use the word thicc as a compliment when we want to express that a person has a nice ass and good thighs.

It is a term used online in forums and streams to refer to others, and should not be used in the work environment, nor in business meetings.


The origin of the term "thicc" dates back to the early 2000s. It was used primarily for African-American women to refer to their sexy, curvy bodies.

In 2017 it became very popular because Rihanna used it to refer to herself and her new figure.


  • Curvy
  • Sexy
  • Big butt
  • Curvesome
  • Busty
  • Hot


The adjective thicc is used to describe a person, usually a woman, with curves, to say that she is very attractive and/or - sexy.


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