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oof Meaning

It is a term used to express sadness and discomfort.


Posted at January 22, 2021

What does oof mean?

The expression oof! means that something is uncomfortable, surprising or we are sad about something that has happened.

How to use oof?

We use oof! at the end of a sentence when something bad has happened. It also applies when we want to express surprise or when we are dismayed by something that has happened.

For example, It is mainly used as a sound when speaking with your friend via microphone. It is also a term used among friends and never at work.


Its origin is linked to Roblox. Oof is one of the sounds used in response to a dramatic situation. It was played when a character died.

Roblox is a game played by more than 90 million people, so the oof term is very popular.

The sound can be heard in many videos and here you can watch 25 different variants of the sound:

But not everything was good about the story behind oof. In June 2019, it was discovered that the oof sound was actually created by audio designer Tommy Tallarico, currently director of Intellivision Entertainment, for the Messiah video game, published back in the year 2000.

Roblox had to remove the sound and replaced it with another one. After reaching an agreement with the owner, they put it back in the game for 100 Robux (about £1). Now, part of the income obtained by Roblox by oof, goes to Tallarico, who even started working for Roblox and has already created four audio libraries.


  • uff
  • oh no!


The term oof! comes from the sound the Roblox characters make when they die. It is used to express discomfort, surprise and dismay.


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