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Poggers Meaning

The emote and term Poggers is used by Twitch members to show our happiness, joy and amazement.


Posted at November 20, 2020

Poggers Twitch Emote Meaning

Poggers is one of the most used Twitch emotes. With it, viewers share their joy, happiness or surprise to what is happening during a stream.

The emote shows us Pepe the Frog, the well-known meme, with a face of surprise or incredulity.


Poggers Emote Origin

The origin of Poggers goes back to the 24th September 2017. It is the fusion between Pepe the Frog and PogChamp. It is one of the most used emotes by League of Legends players.

It's used in the same way as PogChamp and it shows that we are shocked and very excited about what we are seeing on the stream.

Pepe the Frog is a playtime character that was created by Matt Furie. 4chan turned him into a meme since he appeared in Boy's Club back in 2008. Matt Furie killed the funny character to stop using his drawings, but this only made the story of the meme bigger.

How is Poggers Pronounced?

Poggers pronunciation is easy. You can say it as you read it: "po-gers”. It’s easy pronunciation is one of the key factors for its popularity.

Poggers Lingo

In Twitch, Poggers is used a lot when it comes to showing astonishment before an event. The term is based on the emote of Pepe the Frog with whom it shares its name.

Are Poggers and Pogs the same?

No, but Poggers comes from the emote PogChamp, created in turn by the viral video of Gootecks and Mike Ross while playing the game Pog.

Why can’t I see the Poggers Emote on Twitch?

If you don't see the Poggers emote in Twitch it is because you have not installed the BetterTTV extension. Once installed in your browser, you will be able to use and view this emote and many more.

Similar Emotes to Poggers?

There are many similar emotes to Poggers. This emote is inspired by Pepe the Frog, so the rest of the emotes about the most famous frog on the Internet, like MonkaS or FeelsBadMan, have something to do with Poggers.


In conclusion, Poggers is an emote and a term adopted by the Twitch community to show surprise or excitement. It illustrates Pepe the Frog adopting the same face of surprise that Gootecks has in the PogChamp emote. To use it or watch it you need the BetterTTV extension.


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